Phil and Katie: Part 2 – Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to share part 2 with you guys! I’m convinced I will never EVER shoot a wedding quite like this again! A few days before Phil and Katie’s wedding the weather took a crazy turn and it started calling for snow.. in October! are you kidding me?! of course you prepare yourself for the possibility of rain, but SNOW?! Thankfully by Sunday the snow storm had stopped, the sun was back out, and the October fall colors were still in full swing! You pair the gorgeous colors with the snow covered ground, and you get some REALLY crazy pictures :0) Thankfully Katie and Phil were up for still doing some pictures outside and let us take advantage of the “best of both worlds” situation that the leaves and snow gave us :0) Enjoy lots of fun portraits from this beautiful day and tons of my favorite reception shots!

Huge canvas? I think YES! :0) definitely a favorite :0) some fun reception details: I love the effect that christmas lights have in the background of pictures :0) AND i love seeing a couple enjoy their first dance as husband and wife! :0)
Everyone knew that Phil’s brother TJ was going to give an awesome/hilarious speech.. but i dont think anyone was expecting him to ask Katie to reconsider marrying Phil and pick him instead! ;0) as an honorary bridesmaid, i made sure to hand over my camera at some point during the evening to make sure I got a picture with the bride :0) okay this next series was too good NOT to share… so Karly walked up to me after getting her cupcake and said “for some reason I’m really temped to go shove this in TJ’s face…” I told her to go for it, but be prepared for retaliation! So she danced right up to him and in one swift movement smashed it in his face and here are the few pictures that followed.. can you please note TJ’s expression in that last shot?! SO funny! okay so this shot has gotten QUITE a bit of attention after I put it on facebook earlier this week, and I’m so glad its been a crowd favorite! Katie had seen a picture on pinterest like this, and asked if we could try it. I knew the concept, but had never done a picture like this, so I told her if she gave me a few minutes to play around with it we’d give it a shot, and i’m so THRILLED with the results! how crazy are these shots?!and a few last shots to end the evening: love this :0) 
Hope you are had the best time in Jamaica!! Love you guys! :0)

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  2. Becky Blas says:

    WOW!!! Jessie you have clearly found your gift and are blessing others with it! You GO gf!!
    I think Katie and Phil are busy honeymooning still (can you BLAME them???) as she just today got around to sending me the photos I’ve been waiting (and waiting)for….SO WORTH THE WAIT!
    Without out a doubt, the very BEST scenic shots of a wedding I’ve EVER seen…they need to be submitted to somewhere really special…not sure where…must consult God on that one…I CANNOT pick a favorite…I think all the ones with snow mixed with autumn (AND Katie’s boots reveal)and the most perfect colorful overlook of the vineyard are forever etched in my heart! Then there’s Phil looking so at peace as Katie approaches him on the stairs (many times grooms look like they’re walking to their grave and it shows!). What a PERFECT example of God’s love at work in the hearts of Katie and Phil…the way God intended it to be..if only more people in the world realized GOD’S DESIGN for marriage TRULY IS a blessing and not a curse…when and ONLY WHEN He remains in the midst! Can’t thank you ENOUGH for inviting us to share in your very meaningful day…October 30th will always be a day worth remembering!

  3. Carmaleta says:

    I absolutely love these!!!

  4. So Jessie… inquiring minds (who also know TJ) want to know if you’ll be posting the retaliation photos too?

  5. Kari Owens says:

    These are absolutely beautiful photos!! They made me feel like I was there even though I couldn’t be!! So glad to see such a beautiful and happy couple!

  6. Emily B says:

    So precious! Katie was just beaming with happiness on her wedding day!! :D

  7. These are amazing. And beautiful. But Jessie, I miss you already, so please come back :)

  8. Em Humphries says:

    YAYYYYY!!!!! Amazing job, Jessie!! xoxo

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