Rob and KC- Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Have I mentioned yet how incredibly excited I am about my 2012 couples?! I can tell already that its going to be a GOOD year :0) Next up is KC and Rob, and I’m already so excited for their wedding! KC and I went to high school together, and I was SO thrilled when I got the email from her saying she had been following my blog for a while (thanks to the magic of facebook!) and that she and Rob and picked a date for their wedding! When KC and I sat down for the initial meeting after about 2 minutes I knew she and Rob were the kind of couple I wanted to hang out with. Lets just start with the fact that when they got engaged, KC wasn’t the only one who got a shiny new accessory. Before he proposed Rob (jokingly) said that if KC got an engagement ring, that he needed an engagement… sword. Yes, a sword. I would have LOVED to see the look on his face when he proposed to KC and she asked him if he wanted to see his sword. I’m hoping the bring it out at the wedding to cut the cake :0)

and if that wasn’t enough, when I asked KC about their wedding party, she told me that it was still a little bit of a work in progress. See Rob has 5 best friends since high school and they are all really close, so there was no way to pick ONE ‘best man’… hence “The Groomsmen Games” was born :0) For years they had been talking about having a ‘man of the year’ contest, so Rob decided they should fight it out for the position of the best man! Rob picked 5 events that symbolized different games/events from high school, college and now which include: Beer Pong Tournament, Diablo II Video Game, O’Sullivan’s Pub Quiz, Poker Tournament and re-taking the SATs. You know its serious when you have to retake the SAT’s!! Then each of the guys got to pick an event that they felt they would be strongest in, so 10 events all in all.. and at the end of the day, may the ‘Best Man’ win ;0)

Ha! Are you hooked yet? :0) I can’t wait for next May! Enjoy lots of favorites from their engagement session! Happy Monday!
thank you Dumbarton Oaks for providing such a gorgeous location :0) I LOVE all the color and texture you can find there!LOVE this one! :0) yep, they’re pretty fun :0) can anyone tell me what these crazy things are?! one of my favorites :0) LOVE: then we switched gears a little bit and headed to a park near by. Rob and KC have bonded over their love of baseball from the start of their relationship so it seemed fitting that we build it into their engagement session :0) this one was too good to not include :0)

Happy Monday!

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  3. Jess says:

    Jessica, these pictures are wonderful!! :) What a beautiful, fun, and creative set of memories! You do such a great job!!

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