california dreamin’

Two weeks ago I got to spend a couple days in California with my sweet friend Michelle and then a few days with my godkids at the (2nd) happiest place on earth :0)

The week was complete with a walk on the beach, Mickey Mouse, homemade popcorn, spinning tea cups, Elf, a HUGE Tron dance party (anyone wanna explain this one to me? this was the most crowded spot in the entire park!), sleeping in, screams on roller coasters, parades, and lots of laughing with some of my favorite people :0)

here’s a little glimpse of my week… instagram style!

I taught Bobby how to take a video with  my phone, and I just thought I’d share my favorite little “movie” he took :0) my favorite part of this is when he points the camera at my cousin Laura and the way he says “I wanna see… your excited face!!” :0)

a couple more of some of my favorite kiddos :0) 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ant Lis says:

    …and I’m super excited to see those faces!

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