Thankful (and a SALE!)

I feel like every year my ‘thankful’ list is 5 times longer than the year before.. as it should be! This year that list includes: first and foremost I’m SO thankful for a Savior who calls me His own. I don’t think I will ever be able to wrap my mind around that fact! I’m thankful that my family is healthy and that I got to spend time with just about every single one of them this year! and this year I’m so SO thankful for a church family that has embraced me this year and given me a place to call ‘home’! I’m so thankful for the roots that God has planted there this year and I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring there. Every time I drive by it I can’t help but feel blessed that I get to be a part of such a great church!

There aren’t words to say how thankful I am for this business! In a world where so many people are just thankful to have a job period, I get to do one that I love and am passionate about every day, and that is something I NEVER want to take for granted! So many small businesses fail, but thanks to you wonderful blog readers and all of my amazing clients, I get to wake up every day and look forward to my job and what I get to spend my days doing. That is seriously the best gift in the world, and I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!

SO this year in the spirit of being thankful for this small business of mine, I’m offering a little “Small Business Saturday” deal! Now until Monday, you can purchase a “product credit” that can be used anytime between now and this time next year, and when you purchase a credit I will give you an additional 50% free! So for example, if you purchase a $300 product credit, I will add in an extra $150 credit, bringing your total to spend on products $450! Purchasing a $200 credit is worth $300, purchasing a $500 credit is actually $750… and so on! This can ONLY be used towards products, not on packages or sessions, and you can purchase a product credit now even if your wedding isn’t until next year! The credit is good as soon as you purchase it, and ALL online galleries from this past year are now live again, just in time to order prints or canvases as gifts for the holidays!!

You can email me for more details and how to set up your product credit at, but the deal is only good through Monday night, so make sure you email asap!

Here are some quick reminders of some of the products you can use your credit towards and a general idea of how much they cost: 

First up: ALBUMS! The majority of my clients spend anywhere from $200-500 upgrading their album after the wedding, including adding more pages and upgrading to a larger size book: You can put the product credit towards parent albums, the BEST gift for your folks after the wedding! Parent albums run between $650-850:and of course one of my most favorite products.. canvases!! Canvas Gallery Wraps range between $270-$550 just depending on the sizeIndividual canvas gallery wraps have the image wrapped around the frame and come ready to hang! The most popular option among my clients after the wedding though is canvas clusters! I offer 9 preset arrangements that are already priced 20% less than if you had pieced the cluster together on your own! Canvas clusters come with a white or black border to help unify the arrangement, they are ready to hang, and range in cost from $460-$800 just depending on the arrangement: 
Feel free to email me for more information! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! :0)

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