Evan and Lynn- Leesburg VA Wedding Photographer

If there’s one thing i love more than clients turning into friends, its when I get the opportunity to have my friends become clients! This stage of my life is full of my friends getting married and starting families, and its always such an honor when one of them asks me to be the one that photographs it all! Lynn was one of the first people I met when I started leading worship at my church, and she and the other girls on the worship team were such an answered prayer. She made me feel welcome and a part of the worship team family right away, and its so easy to see why Evan is so crazy about her :0) I got to meet up with Evan and Lynn while they were in town over Thanksgiving and we had a completly perfect morning for their session in Leesburg! This time of year Virginia weather is SO unpredictable, but I will take 65 degrees and sunny ANY day :0) Evan and Lynn, I couldn’t happier for you both! Thank you SO much for lettig me be a small part of this exciting time in your lives :0) 
“Sincerely Yours!” oh my goodness i love everything about this next one :0) LOVE: the soon-to-be Mr&Mrs Pelletier!one of my favorites from the entire session :0) so much JOY! couples that laugh a lot together make me REAL happy :0) i know these next two are pretty similar, but i love them both and couldn’t narrow it down.. SO you get both :0) 
Happy Monday! Don’t forget that the “small business Saturday” deal I mentioned in the last post is good only through TONIGHT! so make sure you email me for more information if you’re interested! :0)

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  2. Amy Marie Pelletier says:

    This is my son, Evan, and new daughter-in-law, Lynn. Jessica you are an amazing photographer with a great eye for composition. So glad that you did their engagement and wedding photos. Can’t wait to see how the wedding shots turned out!

    Appreciate you and your gift/talent!

  3. Sara says:

    These are WONDERFUL!! Their joy just radiates :) Love it!

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