Meet Annalise – Vienna VA Family Photographer

Meet Annalise! A beautiful spunky little girl I had the privilege of photographing last weekend! I love how curious kids are at this age; Annalise wanted to see anything and everything she could as we walked around the park and was so happy and excited the entire time! When you’re two years old, there’s no such thing as sitting still for a picture, so we spent the time just playing and exploring, and I’m excited to share some of my favorite images with you all :0) Happy viewing, friends! Love her sweet smile! no stopping for a picture for this girl! She was ready to go, go, GO! :0) I could tell right away that Annalise and her grandmother have a really special relationship, so I was glad she was able to tag along and jump in some of the pictures too! :0) ha! i love this next one! Annalise is going to be a big sister here in a few months, so we wanted to spend a little bit of time focusing on baby brother too :0)
and one more favorite to end with :0) 
Happy Wednesday!

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