The Denton Family- Woodbridge VA Family Photographer

Oh man, I’ve got a good one for you all today! :0) Meet Gracie, Abby, Luke, and Ellie, four of the sweetest kids you’ve ever met! From the moment I walked in their door I was greeted with big smiles, and lots of little hands pulling me in all directions to see their favorite toys, their bedrooms, and read their favorite books. Who has time for pictures when there’s a new friend to play with?! ;0) Being around kids is definitely my happy place, and I had to constantly remind myself to pick up my camera and keep shooting, even though I would have been perfectly content to listen to Gracie play the piano, play with all of Abby’s ‘my little ponies’, see all of Luke’s favorite dinosaurs, and see Ellie laugh at and chase after her older siblings all day long :0)

I absolutely LOVED getting to spend the afternoon with their family, and got in my car  after our session and thought “Lord, if my family is half as wonderful as they are one day I will be SO happy!”  Wes and Kari, your children are incredible, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and letting me photograph all the special little moments that make your family so special :0) Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Meet Gracie: Abby:Luke:and baby Ellie:this shot was literally the very FIRST shot I took when I walked in the door :0) You know its going to be a great session when it starts like this :0) gosh how sweet are they?!?  LOVE these ones of Ellie!
Gracie has just started taking piano lessons and she gave me a little preview of the new song she’s learning :0) Kari really wanted to document all the sweet little things that her kids are doing at this age, and for Luke that includes a love of dinosaurs! These are some of my favorite pictures of the whole session, he just looks so happy playing in his room with his favorite toys! :0) Whats better than walking in and finding a happy baby standing up in her crib after her nap?? :0) ha! this one cracks me up! Luke is sitting in his dad’s office chair at the computer, making a face he apparently sees his Dad make a lot ;0) then we headed outside to play! it was a gorgeous afternoon! sweet snuggles with her girls:LOVE these next two:Abby is the “mommy’s helper” of all the kids, I could tell right away what a sweet relationship they have! love little moments like this :0) then Kari suggested everyone get in their PJ’s and spend some time cuddling jumping on their bed ;0) One of my favorite family pictures I’ve ever taken :0) poor Luke is definitely out numbered by his sisters… but he doesn’t seem to mind too much ;0) one more shot of these cute kiddos with their favorite christmas ornaments :0) HA! I think all sessions should end like this.. with a cigar and a beer on the back porch :0) 
Happy Friday!! :0) Have a great weekend!

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