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When I sit down at my computer in the morning, the very first thing that always demands my attention is my email. Somehow it seems there is a never ending pile of them to reply to. Funny how the more emails I tend to send out, the more I receive! Its a vicious cycle, i tell ya! :) Once I make it through my inbox, I give myself some time to check in on some of my favorite blogs. In this industry it seems like everybody has a blog, and understandably so! The bookmarks folder for “blogs” can get out of control so fast as I’m always finding new photographers that I love! However, lately I’ve found a few blogs that have nothing to do with photography, and those have become quickly the few that I always go to first. Maybe its because I so often struggle to put my thoughts into words, much less coherent sentences, and for these few it just seems second nature. So I thought today I’d share with you some of my favorite sites to read, in hopes that they would be the newest additions to your own bookmarked pages! :)

I always get excited when I see that Tiffany Wingard has a new post up. Her family is the most common topic, and I guarantee you will fall in love with her two gorgeous kids and the hilarious things they say and do within the first post. She has already been recognized in the blogger world for her site, and i’m secretly praying that by the time I actually have kids and have to attempt this whole being a mom thing, someone will have the good sense to pay her to write a book and publish this lady:
Sammy Adebiyi is my most recent blog discovery, and I have spent hours and hours over the past couple weeks digging through all of his past entries. One of my favorite aspects of his blog is the conversation he always gets going through the comments his readers leave. I love seeing all the different forms ministry can take, and they for sure have a sweet community happening over on his site. If nothing else, go to his site and on the right hand site read through the “most popular” posts, and you will be hooked.. guarantee it :) This is my friend Katie Covert’s blog, and has always been a favorite of mine. Katie has been one of my best friends for the last 6.5 years and God has used  her a countless number of times to speak truth into my life, and so I’m glad she has this outlet to share experiences, scripture, and  life lessons with the rest of the world :) I only met Johanna Gusman about a month ago when I did pictures for their family, and first saw her blog when she reposted the images I did. After that I spent a while reading through her site and found myself sitting there thinking, “wow this woman is going to change the world, one country at a time!” Read, and be inspired :)
Happy reading, friends!

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  1. Sammy A says:

    So I wanted to like your post on face-book but it wouldn’t let me. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for this. Thanks for posting and reading. Means a lot.
    God bless you Jessica.

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