Meet Lucas- Virginia Newborn Photographer

It’s so crazy for me to think that the first time I photographed Josh and Terresa and their family was almost 5 years ago when their son Jacob was born! I had just put the name “Jessica Smith Photography” on my hobby which was quickly turning into a business, and I called them up and asked if I could take some pictures of them to practice for some a few sessions I had coming up. These were some of the first portraits I ever showed new clients right after I started my business, when Jacob was about 5 weeks old: and then a couple years later, their sweet girl Anela Mae was born and I got to document her entire first year! these days, Jacob and Anela are a LOT bigger… … still best buddies… … and not the babies anymore! Meet their new baby brother, Lucas! Doesn’t Lucas look just like Jacob and Anela when they were babies?! I spent the entire day with them and I’m pretty sure I called Lucas ‘Jacob’ at least three different times when I was holding him! sweet baby: Josh and I led YoungLife together when I was in college and I learned so much from him and Terresa!  I’m so thankful that years later they are still some of my best friends, and model so well what I hope my family will look like one day: look at his little smile! so sweet! :) ha! somehow I don’t think this is Lucas winking at me, but more saying “hey lady, can you STOP with the pictures and just let me SLEEP?!” :) Jacob and Anela are SO sweet with Lucas! LOVE those precious smiles! my favorite :) all the boys: 
Josh and Terresa, I’m so thankful for your family! Thanks for sharing your awesome kids with me :) Love you guys!

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