Meet Emmett- Virginia Newborn Photographer

Everyone who comes to my house will recognize Natalie. She is always the very first thing that people comment on as they walk in the door and is their first impression of my work, as I have a panoramic of this picture from her newborn session hanging in my entryway:
It does not seem like it could have possibly already been two years since I took Natalie’s newborn pictures! Why does time seem to go extra fast when they are little?! I was able to photograph sweet Natalie when she was first born, and then again at 6 months and one year, but these days she is looking a LOT bigger than she was in this picture below… … because she is a big sister! While some kids seem like they could care less about a new sibling, Natalie seems so excited to be around Emmett all the time. She was more than willing to give him kisses, count all his little fingers and toes, and read to him all afternoon :) I feel like I say this about just about every session, but this first series of the four of them sitting on the couch are some of my favorite family pictures I’ve ever taken :) How sweet is their family?!
kisses for baby brother :) Natalie was MUCH happier with her whole family sitting on the couch together instead of just with Tommy or Elizabeth… can’t say i blame her :) she’s a natural at this ‘big sister’ job :) she will be putting on shows before you know it! i’m pretty sure her form is better than mine when it comes to playing this instrument.. what can i say, Tommy teaches his girl right :) with Natalie we made sure to get a picture of her on the dresser at each of the three sessions, and I’m excited to do the same with Emmett in the mandolin case :) 
Happy Monday! :)

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    Ohhhh, I LOVE these!

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