Meet Robert- Winchester VA Newborn Photographer

When Julia first emailed me, she was ecstatic. She expressed right away how overjoyed she and Raymond were to be expecting this precious gift from God, and how excited she was to meet her little one. I knew she was going to be a natural, and I couldn’t wait to see them both as first time parents :) They didn’t find out whether they were having a boy or girl, and even though everyone was sure it was going to be a girl, I don’t think she and Raymond could be any more in love with their new son Robert. They said now they can’t even imagine having a daughter, even though for almost 9 months everyone was sure it was a girl! Crazy how much can change in just a couple of days! :) Julia and Raymond, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and letting me cuddle with Robert, he is sweet as can be! Enjoy every moment with your baby boy! :)

When I came for their ‘embrace the belly’ session the nursery was almost complete, and it is one of my favorites I’ve ever seen! They did a ‘Hundred Acre Woods- through the seasons’ theme to it, with a big gorgeous cherry blossom tree on one wall, snowflakes on another, and fall leaves on another. It turned out GORGEOUS! I had to show off a few shots of his nursery :) He was wide awake and so alert for the majority of the session, I love this one of him staring at Julia :) Even their pup Tala is wonderful with Robert! :) Even though he was super tired, Robert would only stay asleep for about 3 seconds once I pulled the pacifier out of his little mouth.. good thing I shoot quick! :)
We wanted to incorporate The House at Pooh Corner book we used during their maternity session, and I love how these next few turned out!! :) how many people does it take to dress a baby??  teamwork at its finest :) by the end Robert was so tired of me pulling his pacifier out of his mouth that he grabbed onto it and held on tight! I think he’s the youngest person ever to give me the stink eye ;) 
Happy Wednesday! :)

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  2. Julie Olson says:

    Love it! What a beautiful family!

  3. Vicky Jordan says:

    Great shots of all—loved the way you incorporated their story into their pictures.

  4. mel avjean says:

    Cracks me up! Stink eye from a newborn! Beautiful!

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