Maya: 4 Months – Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

Last time you saw miss Maya on the blog she was a sleepy, smiley newborn, and easily one of the teeniest I’ve ever photographed! Now at 4 months old, she is still super smiley and as cute as ever! She was so wide eyed and attentive the entire time, and has such a sweet calm spirit. As soon as Pratibha pulled out that bright blue tutu for Maya I knew it was going to be a good session.. what’s not to love about a beautiful baby in a big fluffy tutu?! irresistible for sure :) Enjoy lots of favorites! Hope you all had a great weekend! a girl can get lost under all that tulle! but it sure is fun to play with ;) perfect 4 month portrait, complete with that always present drop of baby drool :) its always funny to me how some babies LOVE laying on their changing table.. Maya was so content just to lay here and play peek-a-boo! :)
ah! i love all those little baby rolls :) we ended up with a gorgeous afternoon, so we took full advantage! :) LOVE this one! :) I have a feeling Maya and Bhima are going to be good buddies :) 
Happy Monday! :)

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  1. Carrie says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Love love!

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