Chris and Claudia- Leesburg VA Wedding Photographer

I have been swooning over these images all. week. long. Yes thats right, I said swooning. I would come across an image that would literally stop me in my tracks and make me just sit and stare and think to myself “gosh I hope one day someone looks at me like THAT!” … or “ah I wish all couples laughed together as much as Claudia and Chris!” … or “man, THIS is what it should look like…” There is something extra special about these images and this couple; their joy is contagious and their love is tangible. The point of all of that? These are some of my new favorite images I’ve ever done and man oh man do they make me happy :) Chris and Claudia are getting married this June and I could not be more excited to photograph them again in a few months :) I’m already counting down!!  Chris and Claudia, I’m honored you chose me to be your photographer, and thank you THANK YOU for letting me show the world what joy-filled, Christ-centered love looks like. Couples like you are why I’m so darn thankful for this job of mine :) Happy viewing, friends!

This was one of the first images I took, and it makes me smile every time I see it: this picture makes me so happy. SO very happy :) I love how she’s looking at Chris out of the corner of her eye :) I know these next two are similar, but I just couldn’t pick which one I loved more, so you get both! :) Doesn’t Claudia have the most STUNNING smile?! :) I have no idea what was so funny, but I hope every couple laughs like this together: after Chris was a pro at dipping Claudia, she thought she deserved a try to dip HIM! it might not have been quiiiiite as successful, but A+ for effort, Claudia ;) LOVE:

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. Matt King says:

    Chris and Claudia- these are great pictures! Congrats guys!

  2. Liz says:

    Beautiful Clau & Chris!!! Congrats!!

  3. Jon Kim says:

    The joy radiating off of you guys is incredible. Great pictures.

  4. Logan says:

    Nice couple, nice photos!

  5. Victoria says:

    These are stunning! I can’t imagine the two of you looking anything but gorgeous! Congrats as you enter this exciting time!

  6. gaby salomon jr says:

    que lindos se ven :)

  7. Stacey Werly says:

    So happy for you guys! These are awesome!

  8. Claudia Volpe says:

    It is so beautiful to see how in love you both look!
    Clau, te ves preciosa desde dentro, con un amor ilimitado. May the Lord bless both of you with the patience, and endurance that is required to keep the love going! You both should be models!! :)

  9. maravilloso estudio fotografico, la pareja inspira el Amor más romantico de la vida . felcitaciones !!!!

  10. Jacqueline Tovar says:

    These pictures are amazing!!.Their love is everywhere, beautiful work.

  11. Mafe Londono says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  12. Brittany Kalbac says:

    I am so blessed by these pictures of you both, Chris and Claudia! I am so thankful to have you both as wonderful friends! I love knowing that the smiles on your faces are so genuine and y’all are so in love. It is beauiful and brings God so much joy! :-D

  13. Maria Fernanda says:

    True love. Beautiful pictures !!

  14. Luciano says:


  15. Maria C. Ortiz says:

    Congratulations, the pictures talk by itself!!! the love is really on the air!! best wishes !!

  16. Clara Patricia Uribe says:

    Que belleza de fotos, los 2 irradian AMOR y eso es Hermoso. Les deseo mucha felicidad,un consejo de una pareja que se ama, sean complices y fortalezcan el AMOR todos los dias con palabras y caricias, sabiendo que son el uno para el otro hasta viejitos,me imagino que traducir esto a Chris .Un abrazo grande.

    Clara P Uribe

  17. Pamela Alcantara says:

    They look amazing!

  18. Vale says:


  19. Jae says:

    I agree with Stuart. Claudia, you found quite the man: A Spanish-speaking foreign affairs major Virginian that can not only rap but also be good enough to be on Levi’s commercials. Anyways, these are beautiful photos. I am definitely excited for the wedding!

  20. Michael Boone says:

    These are awesome!!! I’m so excited for what God has in store for you two!!! Your joy cascades through the photos.

  21. Erik says:

    What amazing, amazing photo’s. You two make a beautiful couple together. All I see is the love you have for the other in the way that you look at each other.

  22. Stephanie Johnson says:

    So beautiful! Love you both!

  23. These pictures are amazing, Congratulations to Jessica for capturing happiness!!. I am speechless.

  24. Sarah Fletcher says:

    These were spectacular :) I am so excited for your all’s future together!!!!

  25. Matt P says:

    Congratulations Chris. Exciting stuff.

  26. Billy Scott says:

    Great pics! The love & happiness really comes through!

  27. Lauren says:

    I can’t believe how much these photos capture the beauty and joy of your relationship! These are really special! Love you both!

  28. Wayne & Lois says:

    Awesome pictures! So happy for you two. Continue to let Christ shine through you!

  29. Kirsten says:

    Meow! So precious!

  30. Stuart says:

    Chris, you could definitely replace Brett Favre in those Levi’s commercials!

  31. Erin says:

    Lovely! And this is only the beginning of many wonderfully joyful photo album in the coming years. How exciting is that?

  32. Claudia says:

    Jessie! Thank you SO SO much for capturing such wonderful memories! Your work is phenomenal and I can already imagine it on the walls of our future home!!!

  33. courtney says:

    beautiful! two very special people!

  34. Mariajo uribe says:

    This pictures are stunning. Their love and joy is everywhere. Cant wait to be at the wedding and celebrate gods will for them to be together fror eternity. Love you both.

  35. Laura says:

    Looking at these gives me butterflies. There is so much joy here! These photos capture your relationship beautifully–I am so happy for the two of you!

  36. Ángela says:

    Absolutamente hermosos! las fotos reflejan como el uno brilla con el otro. Sin duda, una pareja con propósitos eternos!

  37. Lydia Lockhart says:

    You guys are so adorable! I immediately flashed back to our Colombia trip–wow. Tierno. ¡Bendiciones!

  38. Eric Cmar says:

    Oh mah goodness. You guys are too cute. These photos are awesome and I’m so happy and excited for you guys! And usually I just breeze through engagement photos (don’t tell anyone), but I love you guys too much to do that. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve loved seeing what God has done in your lives separately and together and your closeness, care, and love for each other really show in this pictures. It also helps that y’all are just ridiculously attractive!

  39. jamie todd says:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures-beautiful couple!!! We are so thrilled for you two!

  40. Priya says:

    You two could not be more beautiful!

  41. Jen Lithgow says:

    These are absolutely beautiful, just like you guys :)

  42. Claudia Orr says:

    Beautiful! You two are inspiring. So excited for you both!

  43. Jackie says:

    Wow! These photos are absolutely breathtaking – you’re right, I couldn’t stop smiling either :) What an amazing snapshot of a beautiful couple! I wish you all the best!

  44. Andrew Kim says:

    This is so beautiful! All the blessings to both of you! ^^

  45. Kara says:

    I agree with Taylor. But seriously, these pictures are a beautiful representation of Christ-saturated love. It was a joy to look at them :)

  46. Gioai Volpe says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! They brought tears to my eyes :)

  47. Taylor says:

    Claudia and Chris will forever be the Beyonce and Jay-Z of my life. These pictures prove that.

  48. Christine says:

    Oh my goodness! These pictures capture Chris and Claudia’s love and playfulness so simply yet beautifully :)

  49. Mary Margaret says:

    OH My goodness!! Chris!!! So I saw Jessie’s new post on Facebook and look who it is!! Ahh so excited for you Chris! Claudia you’re beautiful! Wonderful job Jessie!! (Chris is one of my good friends from high school!) What a small world!! Congrats Chris and Claudia! Miss you Jessie!

  50. Corrie Sutherland says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures, beautiful work! You could not be more right–their God-filled joy is contagious!

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