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As I was looking through all of the images I took last week out in California I came across a theme. Just about every shot I have of the kids seems super close up. As in typically their entire head/face isn’t even in the picture. Now while I was using my 50mm 1.2 lens for the most part, that still seemed a little strange to me. Until I realized that every time I pulled out my camera, Bobby or Riley would run as close as the possibly could to me and stick their face riiiiiight in front of my camera, typically to prevent me from being able to take picture to being with. Still, at the end of the day, those are my favorite images I have of them.

Where I can see all the colors in their eyes. Where I can count the freckles on their faces. Or where I can sometimes even still see the remains of whatever Tanner was snacking on stuck on his cheeks. I’ve always been a fan of really tight, intimate shots. It might sound strange but i feel like it allows you to know them better. So I’m a fan of all of these close up shots of my godkids. Mostly because it makes me feel close to them. and their blue eyes. and freckles. and leftover cotton candy faces :)

on top of him running up to the camera, as soon as he arrives he then proceeds to “HI-YA!” in my general direction.. sheesh. good thing he’s so cute!
probably the most typical pictures i have of these two, with Bobby’s hand flying into the frame to karate chop his sister! sweet baby :) The parades at Disney are always one of my favorite parts, and my sweet godson Tanner would agree! I was more entertained watching him than watching the parade roll by! Pretty sure he would have liked Mickey to take him along for the ride.. and that shot on the right is him saying “AUNT JESSIE! quit taking pictures, you are MISSING the parade, look over there! look over there!” and one more quick trip to the park the night before I left:
all of his facial expressions just kill me… this is one of my favorites, clearly cracking up at his good fortune to FINALLY catch the tennis ball instead of his big brother :) 
Happy Monday!

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  2. Ant Lis says:

    OH, thank you, thank you, Jessie! I am finally on my way to them tomorrow. This was like a delicious appetizer! Love you!

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