Meet Shelby – Leesburg VA Children’s Photographer

Well I had another round of “10 Things” to share with you all today, but this little friend seemed so much more appropriate for an Easter post :) You first saw Shelby in the last round of “10 things” i posted last month, but now she gets her own post! I’ve gotten to know and love Shelby and her family over the past few months, and she is a constant source of joy in my life these days! She cracks me up with all the new crazy things she does and says every time I see her. She is one of the smartest kids I’ve ever met and will talk your ear off (or make up songs for you!) all day long :) As soon as I saw her super cute Easter dress I knew pictures were necessary, so we grabbed her dress, basket, some easter eggs, found a pretty spot with some daffodils, and did a little mini-photo session last Friday! Anna had just been telling me that I needed some updated bio pictures (which are coming soon!), so she snapped a few new pictures for me and I took some of her sweet girl :) Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of my little friend! :)

she’s just “hangin with my peeps” :) love her sweet smile!! I know this next series is pretty similar, but I adore them all. One of the last times that Shelby was over at my house she walked into every room asking for a “picture of Shelby??” Well I’ve got pictures framed of a bunch of other kids, so where was the picture of her?!? Shelby, you can expect to see one of these pictures on display next time.. promise :) she just couldn’t seem to keep all of her eggs IN the basket ;) melt. my. little. baby. HEART!ah the many expressions of this girl.. love them all :) If she ever asks you for a “poke”, think of it as the equivalent to a high-five, and just go with it :) 
Happy Monday! :) Hope you all had a great Easter!!

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  4. Grandma says:

    Adorable, AGAIN. xoxoxoxo

  5. Claudia says:

    precious! I love the last one

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