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Last time we were in Italy we spend the majority of the week in Rome, but this time we had to pack everything into the first two days of our trip! Now, there is LOTS to see in Rome- an overwhelming amount even. Add to that the 6 hour time difference and only about 1.5 hours of sleep, and I’m sure we were quite entertaining to watch trying to navigate our way around the city. We managed to fit in all of the big things, the vatican, the colosseum, the trevi fountain, and one of my favorites, piazza novanna, but you’re just sort of in awe of everything every direction you look. Whether its a marble statue that has been standing for 2000 years or the window box full of flowers and ivy growing up the wall, its all incredible, and I’m so glad I had the chance to see it all again!

There are WAY too many photos from the week to share, so this is the first of many Italy posts coming your way! First stop though.. Roma! :) Enjoy!

Passport stamped.. done and done! :)
The hotel we stayed at sat directly at the top of the Spanish Steps, and this is the view looking down: Its incredible to me that you can stand in one spot and look to your right and see something so elaborate like that building, and look to your left and see things as simple and gorgeous as that window box. Piazza Novanna, complete with lots of restaurants and plenty of art vendors selling their work: This was the one thing we wanted to tour but weren’t able to, it was already closed by the time we got there.  but it was still crazy to see from the outside! the Trevi Fountain, here’s hoping this wish comes true like the last one! :)  St Pauls: and last stop was the colosseum! that shot on the left is Katie’s “roman look” :) she’s ready for the games! 
Next stop, Montalcino! :)

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  1. Beautiful!! I want to go!

  2. Jessica, these shots are amazing! I feel like I am there, and then I look around at the rain and the short one story buildings that were build in the last 2 years and realize that I am not:( Have fun!

  3. Jen says:

    Gorgeous, Jessie!!

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