next stop, Montalcino!

After a quick two days in Rome it was on to our main destination for the week, Montalcino! Montalcino is a small town in Tuscany, most famously known for its wine production and Brunello di Montalcino. Every home we passed they would tell us “He is a wine producer.. and HE is a wine producer.. and he also is a wine producer, but that one is a crazy horse!” :) safe to say, the town runs on grapes! Last time we were in Italy our day in Tuscany was by far my favorite, as I much prefer the “small town” feel to the huge tourists areas, so I’m really glad we got to spend so much time here. This was one of the main locations where the movie “Letters to Juliet” was filmed and after walking around the city for about 2 minutes you can understand why! This first photo was literally the first thing we saw when we got out of the car: Lots of small shops and yummy restaurants, shouldn’t all restaurants look like this?! I also think all alley ways should look like THIS instead of how they typically do here :)
and all wine menus should look like THIS! lord have mercy, it was a novel! and hey while you’re at it, a back yard that looks like this wouldn’t hurt! This photo was taken standing by the doorway to the kitchen on the back of the villa: so naturally, I made Katie throw on her dress and we walked around the property and took advantage of the incredible location and gorgeous evening light right away :) more of these to come soon, they get their own separate blog post :) Then the next day we went to Florence! Unfortunately it rained just about all day long, so I have very few pictures to share from Florence, but here are a few favorites! all of the detail on the buildings just blew me away! then it was back to Montalcino for dinner, and more importantly, GELATO! :)
Happy Friday! More to come next week! :)

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  1. Mary Farquhar says:

    Jessie, although I would love to chat with you about your trip, I must keep my comments brief since one sentence takes me about an hour to type. So, …….You are an incredibly talented photographer and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous- WOW!!!!! You make every photo look alive and tangible, as if i’m seeing them there with you- what a gift you have! I will share your name with anyone I know looking for a photographer. Oh,how about next trip you invite me to be your camera caddy???? Hope to see you soon…. Mary (Kevin’s “house guest”)

  2. mom says:

    What a lovely week that was! So glad you were there with us, and so glad you took such beautiful pictures! Wonderful to look at and remember… if only you had a picture of the gelato recipe :)

  3. Stephanie Daake says:

    Hi Jesse, you took our engagement photos in DC about 3 years ago. We moved to Ft. Worth and are now back in DC. Ive been following you on FB and love seeing your work. Your trip to Italy looked amazing. Thanks for posting picts…they are a joy to view. Have a good day!

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