May’s 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

AH I know its the very last day of May, but it still counts! I’ve just had so many Italy photos to share this month that I completely forgot about this post until this week! but better late than never right?! :)

As always you can go back and read January, February, March, and April’s posts too!

1) I used to fall asleep to Criminal Minds on tv every night, and when it started giving me really terrible dreams, i started turning off the tv and reading before bed. Now I might dream about Harry Potter or the Hunger Games, but at least its better than criminal minds! yikes!

2) I’ve never been a big jewelry girl. I have a handful of necklaces, and yet 90% of the time I will chose a simple small silver cross necklace instead of anything else.

3) The past few months I’ve had a small group of friends over for dinner a couple times a month for a little “dinner party” and they have become one of the things I look forward to the most… clean up and all!

4) If you wink at me, its guaranteed to make me smile and blush at the same time, but its one of my favorite things ;) ETA: this only applies if you actually know me, thank you Jill for the clarification :)

5) I have been known to sing at just about any moment, appropriate or not. I’m the one rocking out with all 4 car windows down at a stop light, and my senior year of college some of my friends dared me to go play the piano at the restaurant we were having lunch at (the room we were eating in was empty at the time) and we may or may not have started a little worship band and attracted a crowd right in the middle of the restaurant.

6) I’m allergic to seafood and cats. Cats I’ve never liked anyway, but man oh man I miss being able to eat seafood!

7) My balance STINKS. I’d fall off of the elliptical at the gym if I didn’t hold on to the handles!

8) Mangos and blackberries are the best thing in my world right now. YUM!

9) Pretty sure I don’t actually own a pair of shorts.. i live in dresses during the summer :)

10) I really hate being called “girl”, as in “hey girl, how are ya?” all that says to me is that you don’t know what my name is. unless you are Kip Moore and you’re singing me this song, please don’t call me ‘girl’ :)

Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance?
and the next one after that?
gonna make you mine, there’s a real good chance
hey pretty girl, can I have this dance?

Hey pretty girl, lets build some dreams
and a house on a piece of land
we’ll plant some roots and some apple trees
hey pretty girl, lets build some dreams

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  1. Katie Covert says:

    AH! I love the new pictures of you! (I mean that as humbly as possible. Thank goodness you trained me well and you’re an especially lovely lady!)

  2. Jill Powers says:

    Hey Friend! Love these posts!!…#4- you should clarify, “only if you’re not a creeper!”. #5- I wanna go back and hear you sing again, but next time we’ll come with a playlist and a tip jar! #8- ME TOO!!!! Okay that’s all, Miss you!!! xoxo

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