Jackson and Charlie Claire: 19 Months!

This post is so bitter sweet for me, and to be honest I’m having trouble finding the words to start! How do you sum up the past two years in one post? I can’t believe it has already been two years that the North family has been in my life, and even more so what has happened in that time. I truly cannot find the words to adequately describe how much this family has blessed me over the past two years. That they have let me into their homes. Shared their story with me. Let me hold their sweet babies. Allowed me to share in their struggles and celebrate their victories. So many of you have joined in praying for Charlie Claire over the past 18 months and I am so thankful that this blog can be used for things like that, to have an instant group of prayer warriors just with one post. So you all will be just as ecstatic as I am to see that CC is running all over the place these days and is doing so well! The first video Kristin posted of Charlie walking literally had me in tears! I can’t believe this was the last session in their first year package, but since Kristin feels the same way we’ve already established that we’re both counting down until the next session :) but until then, these pictures we did last week will have to do!

make sure you go back and see all of their past posts as well! maternity, newborn, three months, eight months, and one year! check out how much they have grown since then!! :) oh you know, just Charlie Claire and Kermit going for a little stroll in Williamsburg :) i love that they are best buds :) oh my soul, look at Jackson’s little scrunchy nose smile!! melt my heart :) and check out this sweet sassy little girl! definitely my favorite picture of Charlie :) CC laughing at Jackson might just be the cutest thing ever:
such a happy girl :) my favorites :) look at that handsome boy! such a little stud :)
aaaand i’ll end with my favorite little series. So Mickey is a favorite in the North household apparently, and as soon as CC sat down next to Jackson with Mickey he realized that seemed like way more fun than just taking a picture, so he switched into full ‘big brother’mode, aaaand this is the scene that followed ;) don’t worry, Charlie did eventually get Mickey back about 2 seconds later :) and here’s one last little snapshot of the past two years: 
Jason and Kristin, thank you again for everything!! can’t wait to see you all again soon! :) Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Nonno says:

    It is amazing how you capture each one of their personalities in your pictures!! Love them both and love the pic’s!!

  2. Tracy North..aka Mimi says:

    Love all of the pictures, can’t even picked a favorite. You have taken some amazing pictures these past 2 years.

  3. The North's says:

    We can not stop looking at these pictures…it’s so unreal to see how much they have changed!! You ROCK the HOUSE!!! xoxo

  4. Hercules says:

    These pics are amazing! Can’t wait for my cousins to come visit in July!!

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