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Every now and then I get to photograph some of the special things that happen at my church. Last fall I got to document Fright Night, but usually its all the crazy things that happen down in the elementary school ministry K.G.B that I volunteer with every Sunday like our Cartoon Sunday or Wacky Sunday.  Last week though, I got to hang out with a slightly older crowd.

A friend of mine asked me how service was and I replied “it was good! I got to photograph Micah baptizing an entire army of middle schoolers!” now, I definitely said it in a joking fashion, but the more I thought about it the more I saw how true it was. They are raising up the next generation at Fire Escape every week. These are the kids that are going to make a difference in their schools. These are the ones who are going to bring Christ to their friends on their sports teams and in their classes. They are going to set the example. They are warriors for Christ.

These middle school students completed an entire class where they learned all of the key foundation of this faith and what it means to be a Christian. They had counselors that walked with them through this and are invested in seeing them grow. Now at the end of their class, they were able to take the next step toward being confirmed by being Water Baptized! We believe that full water baptism is an outward symbol of an inward transformation, a way to sort of “go public” with your faith, its something tangible that demonstrates the decisions and choices you have made for Christ. It was so incredible to see so many of them come forward this past Sunday, and I was honored that their middle school director Micah asked me to help them document it! 
The timing of this worked out so well, because guess what? I’M being baptized THIS Sunday! I’ve known for a few years now that it was something I wanted to do since I haven’t been baptized since I’ve had a relationship with God, and this sunday is the day! you can actually watch the service online if you’d like at http://www.thecommunitychurch.org/watch-and-listen/online-campus the service starts at 9:00 EST and the baptisms usually happen about 15 minutes into the service, but I’d encourage you to stick around for the entire service, because lets be honest, my church is awesome ;)

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Beth says:

    I’m honored to be serving alongside of you. Your talent and passion for your talent is so evident. You are blessed and so are we at CC to have you!

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