Jon and Sam- Leesburg VA Wedding Photographer

Friends, meet Jon and Samantha. Jon and Sam, meet my blog readers. You guys are all pretty awesome, so it just seemed fit that you should meet ;) Jon and Sam are getting married in August and they’re letting me photograph it! I know I’ve said it before on here, but I so highly recommend all of my couples doing an engagement session with me before the wedding! This is the BEST time for us to really get to know each other and get comfortable with one another! This is where I really get to see how you guys interact, I learn the most about you as a couple, and learn the best ways to photograph you! It also gives you guys a sense of how I work with a camera in my hands, so we’re trying to figure all that out on the wedding day. I loved my time with Jon and Samantha and getting to see them laugh and be goofy with each other during this session, and it got me so excited for August! :) Enjoy lots of favorites! :) yeah they’re pretty cute, huh? :) LOVE these next two! I know they’re so similar but I just couldn’t pick! Jon brought along his guitar and obliged when we asked him to play us a song :) and then Sam got her first official guitar lesson :) these are some of my favorite shots from my time with them, love how these turned out :) and I’ll end with one last favorite: 

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