The Cogbill Family- Sterling VA Family Photographer

It has been two years since I last saw Matthew and Nathan, and so I was so excited to get an email from their mama needing some new pictures! I love getting to see the same families year after year and see how much they change! These days Matthew and Nathan are best buddies and play so well together. They are at such a fun age and it was so sweet to see them interact as we ran all over Algonkian Park earlier this week :) Enjoy lots of favorites, and make sure you go back and check out their last session HERE! :)

This was the last time I photographed their family: and now look how much they have grown! :) love how he is looking at his dad in that shot on the right :) every boy should have a brother :) doesn’t Nathan have the sweetest smile?! :) my favorite shot from the day :) those boys get heavy after a couple tosses in the air!! ;) 
Happy Friday!

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