Madison- Richmond VA Bridal Portraits

To say this weekend was a whirlwind is a huge understatement, but thankfully it was packed full of fun celebrations! Saturday I had the incredible joy of photographing Nathan and Madison’s wedding, and while I cannot WAIT to share those images with you all, today is all about Madison :) Bridal portraits are so fun to take, but I hate not being able to show them to anyone until after the wedding! I got so excited about how these turned out and I wanted everyone to see how STUNNING Madison looked in her gown! but i’m a good secret keeper, so these images have been on lock down for the past month ;) So here’s a little preview of the beautiful bride before the full wedding post comes later this week! Happy viewing, friends!

Madison, I could literally comment on how incredibly gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, and joyful you look in every single one of those photos, so i’m just going to mention it now and you can apply it to every image in this post, okay? okay :) one of my favorites :) i love how being in her wedding dress makes a woman smile just a little bit bigger :) This was the shot they chose as the canvas to display at the reception! Love the big magnolia tree! Nathan, you are a VERY lucky man :) 
Happy Monday!

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  1. Anna says:

    Umm… the one right under the comment “Nathan you are a lucky man.” is my FAVORITE. WOW! Madison, you look beautiful :) I am so glad to actually see the picks! And Jessie is so right – she is a good secret keeper :) I was over to hang out and she promptly slammed her computer shut and said – nope! It’s on lock down you’ll have to see it in July ;) It was worth the wait!

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