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Here in KGB at The Community Church we don’t mess around when it comes to summer. It’s still hard to believe that we’re now halfway through summer and they’ve already started the ‘back to school’ drive at church! We’re right in the middle of our “9 Things I Love About Summer!” events, so I figured it was time for a KGB update on the blog :) We are really fortunate to have one of the absolute best summer camps in northern virginia operating out of our church. Triple C Ranch Camp goes for 9 weeks this summer and its safe to say that all of the kids (and counselors) couldn’t love it any more. One of the main goals of camp is not only to ensure that every kid has an incredible experience, BUT to get these kids and their families connected to church. Every week the counselors encourage their campers to come hang out on Sunday morning, and so we’ve made sure each Sunday was the best it could be. I have to say, I’m really proud to be on a ministry team that strives to do things with excellence, not just whatever will be ‘good enough’. Each week after our service in KGB there has been an event planned for the kids, and its been awesome  to see them so excited, and to see so many new faces!

So here’s a little glimpse into summertime at KGB, and if you’re in the area and looking for something incredible for your kids to do there’s still three more weeks of Triple C Camp! You can get more information HERE :)

First up, Ice Cream Sunday! Always a crowd favorite :) Next was Beach Sunday, where the kids could dress up and be entered to win a Toys R Us gift card if they had the best outfit! two of our winners.. they came complete with beach snacks and everything!yes, she actually does have a metal detector.. she’s ready for the beach! then we had Carnival Sunday where the kids had the chance to get their leader/counselor up in the dunk tank. Since it was about 100 degrees outside, I don’t think any of them cared too much ;) and this past sunday was Pie Your Leader Sunday. Safe to say I think this has been their favorite week so far: please note the crowd of adults also covered in shaving cream in the background… :) Since we ran out of time the last round was sort of a free for all, and I’m pretty sure his entire head was covered with shaving cream and styrofoam plates by the end of it:
scary as they might look after, our volunteers are REALLY good sports ;)  The kids were able to select which leader they wanted to pie in the face, and (perhaps unfortunately for him) Mr. Jonathan was the crowd favorite! Here’s a little video clip I took after he was already a couple pies in… the kids were on a roll!

Community Church K.G.B- Pie Your Leader Sunday from Jessie Smith on Vimeo.

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  4. Anna Grace says:

    Love these!! Judge (Joseph) is a great friend of mine from college and it is so fun seeing pictures from ya’lls church!!! These are great images you are so talented!!

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