Bjorn and Allie- Meadowlark Gardens Wedding Photographer

There are some couples that I get to know more so than others during their engagement and planning process.  Whether through emails to discuss wedding details or just checking in to see how things are going, Bjorn and Allie graciously let me into their lives over the past 7 months and so when I showed up on their wedding day, it was to celebrate with two of my friends. I knew after we sat and talked for hours (yes, literally hours) the first time we met that they were people I wanted to get to know better, and as they shared their story with me I really hoped that they would allow me to photograph this next chapter in their relationship.

When I showed up at Meadowlark Gardens this past Saturday I had high expectations, and the entire day exceeded them all. The venue was gorgeous, the day flowed perfectly, and the couple couldn’t have been any happier. That, my friends, is a recipe for success! :) Bjorn and Allie were all smiles (and a few happy tears) from the moment I got there until they left at the end of the evening, and you could tell they were just so excited to be surrounded by all of their favorite people as they officially started their lives together as husband and wife. Bjorn and Allie, couples like you remind me why I LOVE what I get to do every day. Thank you for being so wonderful and for making my job so darn easy :)

Another big shout out to my friend Joseph for 2nd shooting for me for the day! This was his first time officially photographing a wedding with me (even though he did help me out during the ceremony last weekend at Nathan and Madison’s wedding!) and I’m so impressed with how great all of his photos turned out! It took me a LOT more ‘trial and error’ if you will when I first started learning how to shoot completely on manual camera settings, and he picked it up literally the first time I explained it to him.  Thankfully he agreed to come help me out this past Saturday for Bjorn and Allie’s wedding, even though it was his only day off during the week, and he was such a great addition to their day. So many of my favorite photos from their day were ones that he took! I pulled a ton of his images for the blog post and slideshow, so make sure you keep an eye out for those! :)

Allie and her girls were rocking some pretty gorgeous shoes for the day, and I love the bright yellow they incorporated throughout the day! How gorgeous is Allie’s gown?! I think she wins some award for being able to stand in this dress all day! I had to have Joseph carry it when we moved it for this photo it was so heavy, so I’m very impressed she was able to move around as much as she did in it ;) It suited her perfectly though and she looked absolutely stunning in it! I think somebody was just a liiiiittle excited ;) meanwhile… Thanks to Joseph for this shot of Bjorn: lookin’ sharp my friend! one of my favorite photos that Joseph took while I was getting Allie for their first look: and then while I was over with Bjorn, Joseph grabbed this shot of Allie waiting to go see him :) love the excitement on her face as she saw him for the first time that day! and at this point there were lots of deep breaths, and a handful of excited tears.. one of my favorite shots all day :)
but as soon as they saw each other they were all smiles :) this is my favorite spot on the Meadowlark Gardens grounds, every wedding venue should have a weeping willow tree like this! Pretty sure I could have stayed right here with these two allllll day :) one of the main things I love about having a 2nd shooter tag along is that they see things differently than I do and always manage to find other fun angles, or even just by using a different lens it creates a very different look to the same pose. these next two are both Joseph’s:I have one like this from their engagement session and its one of my favorites of them, so I knew I had to recreate it on the wedding day: this one is Joseph’s too and its one of my favorite shots of their entire day.. i’m pretty sure this one needs to be a huge canvas somewhere in their house… just sayin’ :)  fun wedding parties make me SO very happy :) while I did a couple shots of the girls, I asked Joseph to grab a quick photo of the guys boutonnières, next thing I know I look over and he’s got them all lined up doing a few more group shots! way to take initiative, friend :) love how these next two shots turned out: Bjorn coaches football, so clearly a little pep talk was in order before the ceremony started ;) another great reason to have two photographers, there are always a couple different places I could possibly stand to get a great shot, and I physically can’t be in all of them at the same time, so its always nice when you can have two cameras going at once! These next two photos were taken at the exact same time, the one on the left is mine and the one on the right is Joseph’s, both were taken just as Allie turned the corner to walk down the aisle: love this one of Allie and her dad that Joseph got right when they walked out: i know a lot of couples are hesitant to do a ‘first look’ because they think it will take away from the moment when the bride walks down the aisle.. I’m pretty sure both Bjorn and Allie would both tell you that’s not the case, and the moment he saw her walking toward him still took his breath away:
married!! :) safe to say these two made my job REAL easy…
what’s a good toast without a few embarrassing stories?! ;) thanks to Joseph for this great shot during the cake cutting… that cake was all over their faces about 3 seconds after this photo was taken ;) love love LOVE getting to see some of my past bride&groom’s at weddings! Kenny and Brittany are one of my all time favorite couples, thanks so much for passing Bjorn and Allie onto me! :) love this series of photos from the garter toss! i always feel so bad for the couple at the end who catch the bouquet and garter and who have usually never met, and have to get up close and personal REAL quick ;) one more of my favorite shots that Joseph took during the reception:

Bjorn and Allie picked one of my all. time. FAVORITE. songs for their first dance, so it just seemed appropriate to use it for their slideshow too :) Happy viewing, friends! :)

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  2. Katie Covert says:

    AH! This wedding is beautiful! I love the colors! Dear Joseph, Your shots are incredible. Please work on this – it appears as though you might be trying to take my spot as Jessie’s Favorite-Full-Time-Ministry-Person-Who-Moonlights-As-Her-Second-Shooter. I am trying to maintain that position as MINE. Keep up this good work and we will have words. Sincerely, Katie

  3. Jolynn says:

    What a gorgeous couple and wedding! You captured their day beautifully!

  4. Anna says:

    LOVE these photos! I especially loved the groomsmen watch photo! So cute! And the opportunity to capture both Allie & Bjorn’s faces when she turned the corner, great job! I agree Joseph did an amazing job and he must have had a great teacher :)

  5. Donna Tabler says:

    So beautiful ! I think these are the most beautiful wedding pics I have ever seen.

  6. sheryl thompson says:

    I think these pictures are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

  7. Connie Sams says:

    Wonderful Job Jessica!!! The pictures are beautiful!!! I cannot wait to get my own!!

  8. Nicole says:

    Joseph did an amazing job… he must have had a pretty great teacher! Nicely done, guys!

    Also, Jessie – I’m going to need to know where you got that ADORABLE dress you’re wearing… xo!

  9. Ant Lis says:

    These photos are beautiful! I don’t know this couple, but I like them! Perfect place for a wedding, too! Lovely!

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