Kamdyn: 6 Months- Vienna VA Baby Photographer

Last time you saw Kamdyn on the blog she was a teeny newborn, and now look at her sitting up like a champ at 6 months old! Crazy how much can change in just a few short months! Usually I’m facebook friends with my clients so I see photos that they upload every now and then, but it still catches me off guard how much they change sometimes when I see these little ones in person after a few months. We met up at Meadowlark Gardens for Kamdyn’s next session, and she’s is cute as can be and starting to be so full of personality! She’s got the most gorgeous deep blue eyes and the sweetest little smirk :) Can’t wait to see you all again in a few months!! Happy Monday!

Kamdyn made the three of us work to get those smiles, and while she did give us some sweet little smiles like this..
she also gave us PLENTY of looks like this! hopefully you will only see this face now and not so much when she’s a teenager ;) pretty baby :) love this one! my favorite from their session: so cute!!! love her little puckered up lips! little flasher baby :) my other favorite from her 6 month session.. i love how they always grab for their toes at this age! she says “no pictures, please!” :) 

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  1. Grandma says:

    You find the cutest babies. xoxoxo

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