The Filer Family: 2 Years – Herndon VA Family Photographer

Ah I am so excited to have this sweet little face back on the blog again! When I got Courtney’s email saying that Connor was turning 2 I really thought she must have miscalculated, or maybe that she was emailing me MONTHS before his birthday to set up the session.. no way this little boy was already TWO! Didn’t we JUST do his 1st birthday session?! Well sure enough, as soon as I pulled up Connor was so excited to tell me himself that he was in fact two years old! He is still sweet as ever, and will talk your ear off! Must be all those books he loves to read :) He went all around the farm saying hello to all the animals, even if the gigantic horses did intimidate him a little ;) can’t say i blame him! One of the biggest and best compliments I could receive is repeat clients, so Courtney and Brian thank you so much for allowing me to celebrate another birthday with your family! Happy Birthday Connor!! :) there’s one more little finger that shoots up in the air about .3 seconds after I snapped this photo, Connor would like the world to know he’s VERY excited to be TWO! :) love how much Connor loves to read! books, Pooh bear, and mom&dad.. what more could a boy need?! he still has the longest, most gorgeous eye lashes I’ve ever seen! love :) there were two surprises for Connor at the end of the session; cupcakes AND a visit from his puppy Liberty! I think its safe to say he was more excited about Liberty :) love his little chocolate frosting mustache!
he must have reeeeeally liked those cupcakes, he wouldn’t share a bite with anyone, including the one giving him the sad puppy dog eyes in this last shot ;) 
Happy Wednesday! :)

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  2. Courtney says:

    Oh, I love these! Thank you so much!!!

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