Jon and Samantha- Bristow Manor Wedding Photographer

A friend of mine once told me that they knew they wanted to marry their boyfriend because “well, he’s my best friend.. this time the best friend just happens to be a boy”, and that being such a simple statement I didn’t really think too much of it. This past weekend as Jon and Samantha were married her words took on a whole new meaning. Jon and Sam truly are best friends. As I had the privilege to meet all of their favorite people in the world this past weekend, I watched and saw that no one makes Jon smile like Samantha does, and no one makes Sam light up quite like Jon. With so much in common from their love of disney and theater to their love of their family and friends, this was the natural next step for the two of them, and I’m honored they asked me to document it! I hope you are having the BEST time on your honeymoon! :) Congratulations again!

Jon and Sam were married at Bristow Manor and it provided a gorgeous backdrop for their day!
loved the Disney letters on the bottom of Sam’s shoes :) i love how you can tell even just by his hands how excited Jon was to see Samantha:we even had a few minutes after the ceremony for a few more portraits during that gorgeous late evening light :) my faaaavorite! :) a few fun reception details.. i love that Jon and Sam made a trip down to Disney just to get all of the photos with their favorite characters for their centerpieces :)When Jon proposed to Sam he wrote her the first part of a song and had the ring inside the guitar, and to everyone’s surprise Jon finished the song and played the completed thing at the wedding! :) i think it went over well… :) some of my favorite exit photos ever! 
Happy Monday!

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