Lily: 4 Months- Hampton Roads Baby Photographer

Remember this sweet baby girl from a few months ago? Well these days she’s a little mover and a shaker at four months old! I’m pretty sure her little hands and feet don’t stop moving the entire time she’s awake! As soon as I walked in the door (I’m sure Tina could see it in my eyes ;) ) she handed Lily to me while they finished getting ready… thats how I can tell my clients know me well, when they know the first thing I would want to do is hold the baby ;) and she just sat there and babbled to me and smiled and laughed… have i mentioned lately that that right there is my happy place?! :) Tina had so many fun ideas and little props for their session, but with crazy work schedules the only time we had to meet up was just a little before Lily’s bed time, and as luck would have it she had decided to skip her nap that day, so we didn’t have nearly as long as we normally would have, but I still love these shots of her and I’m already so excited to see her again in just a few months for her Christmas session! :) Happy viewing, friends!
sweet smiles :) my favorite :) I think that look on her face is Lily telling the world she will wait a while longer before she tries the whole walking thing… :) sweet baby! Tina had seen something similar on pinterest and thankfully Lily was willing to dish out a few more smiles for us :) love this little series! although these ones are pretty darn cute too… :) 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Grandma says:

    What a cutie pie! Every shot is your best shot. xoxoxoxo

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