Scooter and Ashley are expecting! – Great Country Farm Portrait Photographer

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you will be excited to see some familiar faces today :) I first met Scooter and Ashley back at the very beginning of 2009, and I STILL have people comment on their pictures! This is the kind of couples that all photographers wish for; the kind of people who not only make your job behind the camera SO dang easy, but they trust your vision and ideas (crazy as they might be sometimes!), and they become great friends even after the pictures have been taken and albums have been ordered. As soon as I moved up to this area two years ago Ashley was one of the first ones to reach out and ask to meet up for a dinner date, where she completely made my week and showed up with a Home Goods gift card and housewarming card, just because thats what a good friend does in the midst of the craziness that comes along with a new house. Have I told you lately how much I adore my couples?? :)

I’ll never forget walking around towards the very end of their day after session three years ago and Ashley said something along the lines of “I can’t wait to have kids one day so we will have an excuse to do more pictures with you! I think you should just be our lifetime photographer.. what do you think?!?” and i’m pretty sure an enthusiastic “YES PLEASE!!!” came running out of my mouth before she could even finish her question… and now almost 3 years later, they are expecting their first baby!! I was beyond excited when Scooter and Ashley announced they were expecting (in one of the best video announcements ever! :) ) and even more excited for such a great reason to have these two in front of my camera again :) Scooter and Ashley, I can’t tell you how honored I am that you have allowed me to be the one to document all of these huge moments in your story, and I am so SO thankful that out of all the ones you could have picked from, that I get to be your lifetime photographer :)

Make sure at some point you go back and revisit their engagement, wedding part 1, wedding part 2, ashley’s bridal portraits, and their day after session part 1 and part 2!! I gotta say though, I think these might just be my favorite pictures I’ve taken of them yet :) 3 years of marriage looks REAL good on these two! :)

We spent the afternoon walking around Great Country Farms and it just might be one of my new favorite locations for sessions! I could have stayed right by this bright blue old pick up truck the entire time and been perfectly happy :)

just prepare yourself now, i have LOTS of favorites today :) favorite #1: goodness gracious these two make my job so easy! :) Ash, you are stunning my friend :) favorite #2: love the bright colors in the quilt they brought! oh and i should mention, that baby in Ashley’s belly? its a BOY! :) then we headed across the street over to Bluemont Vineyard for a few more pictures.. favorite #3 :) 
Can’t wait to see you guys again so soon and meet your sweet boy! :) Happy Monday!

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  2. How are their pictures ALWAYS my favorites?!!!! LOVE them and I don’t even know them!!! :)

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