The Bickham Family- Leesburg VA Family Photographer

I have been excited to photograph this session since Anna first proposed the idea months ago. Shelby is at such a fun age at 2.5 where her imagination is just running wild and she is creating and pretending and discovering all the fun that comes along with it, so Anna wanted a family session that really captured that. Her imagination. Her creativity. We needed to include Baby, who Shelby takes everywhere with her and she can constantly be found teaching Baby important life lessons like potty training, eating all your dinner, and what will earn you a trip to time out ;) Funny how it always seems to parallel what Jason and Anna are teaching Shelbs at that same time ;) It needed to include dress up clothes, her favorite books, and her most recent love: tea parties! Needless to say, Anna didn’t have to ask me twice! I love that these pictures capture Shelby’s sweet spunky personality and some of her favorite things during this season of life. Kids change so quickly, especially this little girl in particular! It has been so fun to watch her grow this year and hear all of the new funny things that she does and says. Shelbs is one of the few people in this world that is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face… I can’t even count how many of the gifts I’ve written down in my eucharisteo journal have been about her! I’m thankful for her sweet smiles, snuggles, toe pokes, and fish face kisses :) Enjoy some of my favorite images of one of my favorite families! i love how she’s looking at Jason in this next one :) this is her crazy face smile and one of my new favorite Shelby looks ;) Our original plan was to shoot over at Morven Park, but when we pulled up and the gates were closed and a security guard was locking the entrance we were thrown off guard and had to come up with plan B right away. Apparently Channing Tatum and his newest movie crew decided to take over Morven Park for the week and no one bothered to tell us.. go figure! I told Anna after we found out the reason the park was closed that I thought she and I could have totally taken down that security guard if we’d known who was on the other side of the fence.. or if that didn’t work I was convinced Shelby could have charmed him and sweet talked her way right onto the movie set! ah well, there’s always next time ;) so since morven park was occupied we moved the party over to Ida Lee Park and it proved to be just as gorgeous of a backdrop! but man oh man I would have loved love LOVED it if Channing Tatum could have joined us for this little dress up tea party though.. think he would have looked better in the green boa or the pink one? ;) this is how you know its love: she’s sharing her graham cracker with Baby: cheers! love her sweet smile! i LOVE these next few images of her and Jason, and I have a feeling when she’s older these pictures will hold a very special place in Shelby’s heart. best. dad. EVER. pink boa and all :) gosh all of her different facial expressions kill me! apparently this is the face she makes when she’s trying to avoid finishing her dinner… man i gotta work on my poker face before I’m a mom. I would have cracked up! got her purse and got her Baby.. ready to rock and roll! oh… and Shelby has some fun news to tell the world…. :) she’s going to be a big sister!!!! these next two are so similar but I love them both… love those little belly bumps! :)
lets hope all these sweet hugs and kisses for baby continue come next April.. :)
she was already demonstrating how to “rock-a-baby”… she’s a natural ;) but until April when there’s a baby to rock she’s got lots of reading up to do in the mean time on this whole ‘Big Sister’ deal: 
I could NOT be more excited for my friends!! This world needs more kids as incredible as Shelby, and all the toe pokes and fishy face kisses that come with them :) Congratulations Jason, Anna, and Shelbs, and I already can’t wait to meet you in April sweet baby! :)

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  4. Anna says:


    Thank you so much for taking time to photograph such a sweet time in our lives! I love all the faces and imaginative moments that you captured in Shelby. Only you can take a defiant moment of Shelbs walking away and make it one of my favorite pictures of her to date. During these terrible two days it’s nice to have sweet pictures of my girl. Thank you!

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