Jillian: 1 Year! – Winchester VA Family Photographer

We’re celebrating a big birthday today on the blog! Jillian is turning ONE! It is always so bittersweet to me to get to the end of that first year package with  my clients. I love that by that time we’ve always developed a great friendship, but because of that its even harder knowing that our regularly scheduled sessions for the year are over! Dani, Matt, and Jillian are a family that I always look forward to seeing, and I so appreciate the time and energy that Dani always puts into planning a great session for them! We did Jillian’s 1st birthday session at Dani’s grandparent’s gorgeous farm out in Winchester, and its also where Matt and Dani were married! I LOVE that we got to take a photo of the three of them walking down the same driveway where they did their wedding photos :) The only bummer of the day was that it was raining. a LOT. like double-speed-windshield-wipers kinda raining. but Jillian being the happy girl she is still dished out plenty of smiles for me even in the cold and rain. We decided we need to go back for photos at the farm round two in the spring and I may or may not be already counting down the days :) Matt and Dani, thank you for inviting me into your family for this past year! I am so thankful for you both and that you share your sweet girl with me :) I can’t wait to see you all again soon! :) look at those little teeth in there! such a sweet smile :) she’s a country girl at heart. clearly. :) one of their favorite wedding photos was Matt and Dani walking down the driveway together, and now they have a completed version of that photo :) a favorite for sure:at that point I think everyone had had enough of the rain, so we went inside, warmed up, and got ready for some CAKE! best day ever! it gets just a liiiiittle messy ;) Happy Birthday, baby girl!! :) 

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