New Pastor Ordination

Yesterday was a HUGE day for us at Community Church! We have a team of 5 incredible pastors who serve and lead our church so well, and yesterday three more were ordained! Praise the Lord! Brian Ayers, Jeff Nicolette, and Josh Whitlow have served in every area of our church over the years, and this past Sunday we all celebrated these three men officially adding the title “Pastor”, as they accepted the responsibility to shepherd this church and lead by example. I truly believe the Pastors and Elders at Community church are some of the best leaders I’ve ever met, and I’m constantly impressed by their vision and direction for our church. For those who couldn’t be there, here’s a little glimpse at our celebration for Brian and Nicki, Jeff and Kristy, and Josh and Crystal yesterday :) Congratulations to all of you! all of our current pastors and elders:Last night there was a formal black tie banquet for them that everyone was invited to. It was a great time to celebrate with the new pastors and their families, and i love that each of their parents was able to give a toast in their honor: a little newlywed trivia game, for these three couples now also married to their church :) some fared a little better than others… ;) Pastor Josh and Crystal Whitlow:Pastor Brian and Nicki Ayers:Pastor Jeff and Kristy Nicolette:and one last shot with our current lead pastor, Pastor Charlie and Jill Whitlow:

Happy Monday! :)

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  2. Rebekah says:

    Made me cry looking through all of these! How blessed you are :)

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