Meet Parker Harrison- Stone Ridge VA Newborn Photographer

oh friends, I am so very excited to introduce you to sweet Parker Harrison Vines. I have been excited to meet him for QUITE a while now! Ashley and Scooter have graciously allowed me to document some of the most precious moments over their lives together, and I can honestly say that seeing them love on baby Parker was my favorite session with them thus far. Parker is absolutely perfect and I loved seeing Ashley and Scooter in these new roles of ‘mom and dad’. He completes their little family in the very best way, and I can’t wait to watch him grow! Ash and Scooter, thank you for letting me snuggle your little boy and sharing him with me for the morning :) Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives for the last three years :) See you guys soon!

some of my favorite moments from the past few years:
i love love LOVE it when I show up at my clients homes and they have big pretty canvases of their photos on display :) just assume from here on out that they are ALL favorites, okay? :)
sweet little smirk :)love how Ashley decorated Parker’s nursery! I remember dropping off their wedding albums right after they moved into their new home, and as soon as Ashley showed me their room I thought in the back of my mind “oooh i can’t wait to take newborn photos in here one day!” … done and done! :) oh hey there little friend! Parker found a comfy spot :) Ashley, you are STUNNING! you look GOOD with a baby in your arms :) yeah this kid  is going to have no choice… I can already imagine Scooter teaching Parker to say “HAIL!” as his first word :) 
OH! I can’t believe I left this part out earlier! Scooter put together the most incredible video for his family, documenting the past 9 months and they graciously said I could share it with you all :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. […] Last time I saw Parker he was teeeeny tiny… and look at him now! LOVE his sweet smile! couples that look at each other like this make me REAL happy :) look at his big smile!! so cute! two of my favorites photos from the session… Ashley, your boys are pretty darn cute :) look at those eye lashes! melt my heart! look at his little toes and chubby arm! so sweet! HA! this one makes me smile every time! this was the first time Parker sat on Scooter’s shoulders, and he thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS! :) Ashley, you are so SO gorgeous my friend… that baby looks real good on you ;) stoooop it! can’t handle the cuteness! this letter was HUGE next to him for his newborn photos… not so much anymore! :) LOVE that shot on the right! canvas anyone?!? :)  Happy Friday! :) […]

  2. Mallory says:

    These are some of the most PRECIOUS newborn photos I have ever seen!!! I love how I feel like I know these people just through reading your blog–from watching them join together and seeing their family grow! So awesome!

  3. Lauren Koch says:

    These photos are so precious!!! So so sweet. What a blessing. :)

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