still counting…

These past few months I’ve made it a priority to make “thanksgiving” a part of my daily routine. Even once I reached 1,000 gifts in my little journal I couldn’t put it down. I’m currently somewhere around 1,520 gifts and still counting (I always post a few on twitter every night before bed!) and there have definitely been some themes that tend to make it into that journal on a daily/weekly basis….

a church home I’m connected to… a team i’m proud and excited to serve with… friends who are intentional and love me well… clients who allow me into their lives and the ability to do what I love every day… a trainer at the gym who pushes and encourages me… prayers being answered… seeing the kids in KGB learn how to worship their Heavenly Father… the little ones in my world who bring so much joy to my life… ministry leaders I can trust… a God who speaks tenderly to my heart (Hosea 2:14)…

and literally 1,500 more…

hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your favorite people, and you can end the day with something as sweet as my goddaughter and her irresistable cheeks :) 

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  1. Grandma says:

    I am grateful for all the happy people I saw at Thanksgiving. xoxoxo and the family that I didn’t see. xoxoxoxo

  2. mel avjean says:

    I am grateful for the 2 happy faces in that photo!

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