Clay and Jessica: Part 2 – Biltmore Estate Wedding Photographer

Ooooh  man its about to get REAL pretty on the blog today! December is known in this area as being the start of the “slower”months for weddings, but I’m thinking if brides saw THIS wedding they would ALL want to get married around Christmas! Everything about this wedding from start to finish was straight out of a fairytale, complete with thousand of twinkling lights. My favorite part of the day happened about half way through the reception. I went over to check on Jessica to see if she need anything and she just looks at me with this huge smile on her face as she’s watching her family and friends packed on the dance floor and she  says “I’m just happy. Really happy!” Its one of the best feelings in the world, seeing your friends so joyful :)

Jess and Clay, thank you doesn’t begin to cover it! Thank you for making me feel so welcome, for including me in your day, and for trusting me to capture such precious memories! God is going to accomplish HUGE things through the two of you, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you both! You have an incredible support system around you that is committed to supporting and encouraging you as a couple, and I’m so excited for you both in this next chapter of your lives! :)

Enjoy part TWO! anybody else see this as a huge canvas??! :) one of my favorites from the entire day! then it was time to get MARRIED! Christmas lights make EVERYTHING happier :) Remember these two?! It was so great to see Jake and Ashley again! Clay and Jessica had Jake and Ashley come up at the end of the ceremony to pray over them, and I loved how personal and meaningful it was :) LOVE this shot! Officially Mr&Mrs! :) first dance sweetness: LOVE: such a sweet moment for Jess and her dad! the Lioncrest is such a gorgeous venue! it was quite the dance party! :) a little mistletoe action :) one of the coolest exits ever! :) 
Congratulations again! Have a great weekend! :)

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  3. Neal-Kathy Miller says:

    Jess & Clay – what a beautiful start to what we’re sure will be a beautiful journey together. We look forward to helping you make many new memories. This is one time we can say that the pictures do the event justice, too – super job Jessie.

  4. ashley link says:

    i LOVE this! such a beautiful Christmas wedding! :)

  5. Danielle W says:

    Wow, everything looks so wonderful and amazing, a winter wonderland! You did a great job, Jess! And Clay you picked a wonderful woman to spend the rest of your life with. All the photo’s look amazing, Jessie you really captured the love and joy. I wish I could have been there but know I was sending love, warmth and friendship from Oz. love you both heaps, enjoy your life together.


  6. Karren Cochran says:

    Beautiful pictures! You really brought out the photogenic part of Clay (that I didn’t know he had)! They are all super pics of Jess and Clay with great backgrounds.

  7. Holly Hermes says:

    Amazing photos to capture such a beautiful day!

  8. Sarah Bugbee says:

    Jess oh my goodness 5th picture down on the right…you have your furry shaw on with Clay looking out you….AMAZING!!!! Great job Jessie!!! Thanks for letting us be apart of your beautiful day!!

  9. Emily Nealer says:

    Jessica and Clay

    We love you. Thank you for allowing us to share this speical time in your lives with us.

    Love you Both


  10. Jess Cochran says:

    Wow Jessie! Thank you so much for blessing us with your talent! I LOVE the one of me and my dad laughing and the mistletoe pic! But honestly, we’re so happy with them all!

  11. Michael says:

    Amazing!!! Such a fun exit!

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