Lily: 8 Months – Hampton Roads Baby Photographer

I always appreciate it so much when I can tell my clients have gone above and beyond in planning their session; they come up with all kinds of fun ideas, outfits, and props to include! Tina has definitely put in the extra effort for Lily’s sessions this year, but we’ve been talking about THIS session since before Lily was even born! Tina’s dad has completely restored this GORGEOUS old British Taxi and she knew from the beginning it would be the perfect addition to a Christmas photo session, which just so happened to be timed perfectly with Lily’s 8 month photos! She grabbed a few poinsettias and wrapped some presents for Lily to play with and we had such an incredible set up! Lily was more than happy to play with all of the fun little toys her mama had for her, and dish out lots of cuddles :) It was such a great morning! You can go back and see their maternity session, newborn session, and 4 month session as well!
Enjoy lots of favorites, and I can’t wait to see you guys in April! :)

C’mon how stinkin cute is she?! :)
I think she was a little happier playing in the backseat instead of the luggage compartment :) Isn’t the taxi amazing?! Feel free to contact me for his information if you’re interested in including the taxi in your wedding or portrait session! :)then we headed back to the house to warm up some and play with Lily’s puppy Baxter! Now typically when you add pets to the session it creates a WHOLE new kind of chaos, but I have to say Baxter was one of the BEST dogs I’ve ever had in front of my camera! Despite Lily pulling on his antlers and grabbing at him, he didn’t move an inch unless he was told to :) Such a good puppy! these two were CRACKING me up! Lily was determined to pull the antlers off his head, little did she realize the headband went all around his head, resulting in allllll kinds of hilarious Baxter faces :) LOVE this shot of Tina and her girl :) Lily is just starting to crawl, and she was showing off for us big time! :) 
Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. Mallory says:

    These pictures are wonderful! The ones of Lily & Baxter are the cutest!! :)

  2. Tina says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that you get great pictures of her even when she isn’t cooperative. Love these! Thanks so much Jessie!!

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