December (and Novembers!) 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Yup you read that right, you get a double dose for the last ’10 things’ post of the year!! i can’t believe i’ve been able to come up with 120 random facts about me, let me tell you it has NOT been that easy! but in an effort to be more transparent on my blog and share more personal posts, it has been a good exercise to push me each month! I already have a fun new personal series planned for next year, but for now we’ll end with the last 20 facts, and a few photos from this year of me doing what I love :) thanks to Joseph for these first three photos he grabbed while he was 2nd shooting with me, I’m pretty sure I was just in his shot way more than not… but i decided to keep a few anyway :) 

1) My favorite Christmas memory involves my cousins and my aunts piled in the back of my Grandpa’s pick up truck, bundled up to drive around and look at lights on Christmas Eve. One of the things I’m most excited about for the future is starting more holiday family traditions than my kids know what to do with :)

2) As a YoungLife leader, I never wanted to be in the skits during Club. I would rather have the pressure of planning and giving the message to tell high schoolers about who Jesus is than to be in skits, as hilarious as they were.

3) I have to process things before i speak. sometimes i will literally put my hand in front of my mouth while i figure out exactly how i should word what i need to say.

4) I always sleep with two pillows, and my bed at home is the most comfortable bed i’ve EVER slept in. My college days of being able to sleep on the floor (or anywhere for that matter) are loooong gone.

5) As a child the very first thing I remember saving my money for was a long velvet black cloak and white fur hand muff to wear for our neighborhood Christmas caroling party that my mom and I hosted when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.

6) I hate HATE taking my car to the mechanic. I have no idea what they’re talking about and they are 100% aware of that and take full advantage.7) Mackenzie Mae’s belly laugh is one of the best thing I’ve ever heard. Ever.

8) Every time I drive by my church (which is at least once a day as it sits right across the street from my house) I try and take a few minutes to pray for our church staff and for KGB.

9) I can usually be counted on to read through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at LEAST once a year.

10) If it was just up to me, I’d chose to have a small destination wedding. My family is tiny and everyone will have to travel anyway, and I don’t want to get caught up in all the small details and stress that can come along with wedding planning. That being said, I’ve prayed for years that I would marry into a BIG fun crazy family, and I know they would be worth giving up that tiny wedding for when that day comes.

11) I’m fully convinced there is a “Friends” quote for every situation.

12) I think its officially safe to say that 2012 has been the best year I’ve had since my freshman year of college. It will take a lot to top that year, but this one comes in a close 2nd :)(and yes, my job does include carrying bouquets, pinning boutonnières, fixing veils, and helping the bride ditch her shoes for flip flops :) )

13) Over the past 8 years I’ve prayed for my future father-in-law almost as much as my husband. He’s gonna be awesome. I can already tell.

14) I had completely different roommates all four years of college. I lived with 12 girls over those 4 years but the only year I had to actually share a bedroom was my freshman year. Not quite sure how i managed that, but i’m not complaining! :)

15) I’m a complete WUSS when it comes to spicy food. a WUSS i tell you.

16) I always mark up books when I read them. I underline, star things, make notes in the margins… they sort of become a journal by the time I’m finished reading.

17) I’ve lived within an hour of DC for almost my entire life, but i HATE driving into DC and will avoid it almost at all costs.

18) I tend to see things for what they appear to be, not necessarily what they COULD be. If I see an old beat up dresser, I see an old beat up dresser, not what it could look like if i stained and painted it and added different handles. If someone is short with me or ignores me, I assume they’re upset with me, I don’t necessarily think of the other things in their life that could be going on that day. Perception is reality, or so i’ve heard :)

19) I’ve never been a cake person. Or maybe its that I don’t like frosting. but either way I would pick almost any other dessert over cake given a choice.

20) I think a sparkler exit at the end of a wedding makes for a gorgeous exit, but let me tell you, photographing it SCARES me every time! Something about having to stand in the middle of a hundred guest, most having enjoyed multiple drinks (ahem…), and each one waving around an open flame.. just sounds like a recipe for disaster!! Thanks to Jill for grabbing this shot of me, part terrified and part excited, at the end of Ryan and Kim’s wedding :)

 WHEW! and there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, 120 random facts about me over this past year! I hope that with all of these posts you feel like you’ve gotten to know me a little better, and maybe even related to a few along the way! and as always, you can go back and read last month’s ’10 things’ post HERE! Hope 2012 was as sweet to you as it was to me, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

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  3. Grandma says:

    You have created so many special moments in my life. I look forward to many, many more. xoxoxoxo

  4. mom says:

    I hope 2013 is the best ever! Loved reading the “things” posts, and I sure did love seeing you in the cape & muff at the caroling parties! Happy New Year!!!!

  5. Mallory says:

    #11 is SO completely true!!!

    #18: I’m so relieved to know I’m not the only one with that mindset! :-)

    Loved reading all of your facts in 2012…….Happy New Year!!! :)

  6. Holly says:

    So this is a totally random question, but how did you get your domain name?? I’m a Smith too, so I know there are about a billion of us out there. I’m hoping to start a “real” blog soon and I want it to be my name but I know it will be hard getting it.

  7. Judie says:

    I remember how excited you were about #5’s long cloak, and how authentic it would make that Caroling Party. It’s been great reading about the adult you have become. I love that you included pics of you taking pics. I hope your dreams do come true. Happy New Year Jessie.

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