Kamdyn is ONE! – Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

When I got the facebook event invitation from Melanie I was so tempted to just book a ticket and go. Kamdyn got to celebrate her birthday with around 80+ of her family and friends in the beautiful state of Hawaii last month, and with the miserable cold weather we’ve had here recently I was VERY tempted to join them! :) A photo session in Hawaii would be worth it, right?! :) Well instead of Hawaii, Kamdyn and Melanie settled for my little makeshift studio in my home but I’m so excited about the results! I love having a space here with a ton of natural light that I can use when its too cold for little ones to be outside! Kamdyn was literally all smiles during her session and made my job so easy! she has the sweetest spirit and had me laughing every time she’d flash that cute cheesy smile :) As always, I can’t believe how fast the year flew by! Jason and Melanie, thank you for sharing her with me this year! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! :)

This is Kamdyn’s “hey lady, i thought we were playing! put that camera down and lets play with the balloons!!” face :) i usually catch a few of these looks during her sessions ;)

it didn’t take her too long to warm up to the camera though :) two of my favorites from her session! she kills me with that little grin! what can i say, photo shoots are hard work for a little girl! ;) ooooor she was playing peek-a-boo… ya know, could be either option ;) love that shot of her on the right! look at that little belly!!! too cute :) “no pictures, please!” :) then it was time for some CAKE! :) in my experience kids are either hot or cold when it comes to the cake smash.. they either love it or don’t! Kamdyn was happy to do a little painting with the icing, but she could have cared less about eating the cake! ah well, there’s always next year :)
Happy Birthday, Kamdyn!! :) 

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  1. Grandma says:

    Another beautiful session. xoxo

  2. Anna Grace says:

    These are gorgeous! Fabulous job Jessica :)

  3. Melanie Nobriga says:

    These are better than I imagined!!! Thank you so much Jessie for a wonderful year. So glad you were there to share it with us. Lots~O~Luv….the Nobriga’s

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