Meet Harper Marion- Leesburg VA Newborn Photographer

If you go back all the way to last September, I blogged about the ‘gifts’ journal I had been keeping, and #123 that I shared in that post was “new babies growing inside of dear friends”. That had been written down on the first day that I suspected my dear friend Anna was expecting their second baby… had she told me anything yet? nope. it was just a feeling I had after a conversation with her, but i started praying for that baby and thanking God for that gift from that day juuuust incase. A few weeks later when I walked into their home to help her pick out outfits for their fall portrait session, there was a little tag hanging on a framed ultrasound photo that said “#123) new babies growing inside of dear friends” :) i had been right! baby #2 was on the way! :) it meant so much to me that Anna had included that piece of my gifts journal into how she told me she was pregnant, and I still have that tag she made up as a permanent part of my journal :)

so needless to say, i’ve been excited to meet this kiddo from day one! she took her sweet time making her appearance (much to her mama’s dismay!) but finally last Thursday April 25th at 7:28PM Harper Marion Bickham was born weighing 8 pounds and with the most kissable chubby cheeks I’ve ever seen! here are a few photos I snapped of her the next day when I got to visit and meet her in the hospital… seriously could not get enough of her cheeks!

love this photo Anna took of me getting to know my new little friend :) words cannot explain how much I have loved getting to be a part of Shelby’s life over the past year and a half and how much joy she brings every time i’m around her. she makes me laugh and always amazes me with her creativity and imagination. i don’t take it for granted that my friends share their children with me and let me be a part of their world, and i’m so thankful that I get to know and love sweet Harper right from day one :) now lets get to the good stuff, and what this post is all about! Harper’s official newborn photos! :) this kid is going to have to get used to my camera, I have a feeling you will be seeing a LOT more of this little girl on the blog :) she was wide awake for the first chunk of the session, but i love how she’s looking at Anna and Jason in these first few:
oh hey there, sweet girl! to say that Shelby is smitten with baby Harper is the understatement of the year. she’s constantly wanting to hold her, love her, and give her lots of “cheek smooches!” … can’t say i blame her, those cheeks are pretty irresistible! :) LOVE her sweet smile :) already checking out her sisters accessories… ;) be still my heart… one of my absolute favorites from the session! don’t be surprised if you see this one framed in my house somewhere too :) when Anna and I were brainstorming ideas for this session, she came up with the idea of throwing a little birthday party for Harper! Right now Shelby is really into celebrating birthdays, and Shelbs thought it was SO fun that we got to have a little birthday cake and sing happy birthday to baby Harper, and happy “big sister birthday” (the day she became a big sister!) to her! ha! so cute :) sweet baby :) of course we had to throw in her monogram somewhere into the session, and these little bloomers from ChezWhimsy on Etsy was the perfect way to do it! how adorable is this hat?! :) a special delivery… :) one of my favorite moments of their session, and a little behind the scenes shot! while we were moving Harper from one spot to the next, we hear Shelby say “OKAY lion, say cheeeese!! look at me! look up here and smile! Lion, if you smile, I’ll give you an M&M!” hmm where do you think she heard that before? :) remember that black and white photo earlier in the post of her and Harper lying on this same backdrop? yeeeeah, apparently she was taking notes :) you see her holding her little camera up too? i think i’m ready to hire her as my new assistant! i bet she could keep those big wedding parties in line better than I could! :) LOVE this kids imagination! when her lion wouldn’t cooperate with her taking his photo, she moved onto accessorizing Jason :) she decided that if Harper needed a bow, that her daddy needed one too. as Anna said in this moment, welcome to the world of having daughters :) they have a similar photo of Shelby when she was a newborn in this same basket: miss Harper is a good little snuggler :) my favorite shot of Anna and Harper… if I look half this good one week after I have a baby, I will be VERY happy mama one day: seriously, Harper’s little cheeks are irresistible: checking on baby Harper :) They have two specific photos up in Harper’s nursery, one of Anna’s mom rocking her as a newborn, and another of Jason’s mom rocking him. I love that Harper will have those same sort of timeless photos to hang in her baby’s nursery one day too :) little toes :)  Happy Wednesday! :)

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  2. Amy says:

    Absolutly Adorable!!!!

  3. Anna Bickham says:

    I don’t know which ones could possibly be favorites. Thank you again for taking your time and showing so much patience to our children as they stayed awake or went nuts destroying our house while you shot these pix. These will certainly live on in our house and our hearts. You do an amazing job of capturing our family right where we are. Thank you!

  4. Rebekah B says:

    I love these!

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