Meet Gracie- Leesburg VA Baby Photographer

I first met Matt and Lauren back in 2010 when I got to photograph their engagement session…
their wedding… and their day after session! and these days they’ve added one more to their family! I remember dropping off Matt and Lauren’s album at their house soon after they got married and talking with Lauren about how fun having nieces and nephews was, and thinking to myself that Lauren would be the best mom one day, and I LOVED getting to see her and Matt in these new roles of mom and dad :) I have seen photos of their sweet Gracie girl on facebook over the past 8 months, but I have seriously been counting down until I got to meet her myself! As soon as I got there she was literally ALL smiles, and jumped into my arms to say hello with a little hug! Melt my heart! 6-9 months is by far my favorite age to photograph during that first year, and Gracie is a great example of why! they are SO smiley, expressive, and curious about everything! She literally smiled for me the entire time, easiest job ever! :) She has such a sweet spirit, and and I already can’t wait to see her again! :) Get ready for the sweetest little smile you’ve ever seen! :) look at those two little teeth she’s got growin’ in there! so cute! :) pretty baby :) she reminds me of Mowgli in the Jungle Book in this photo with how she’s crawling and her little tongue sticking out :) she literally smiled the WHOLE time! made my job SUPER easy :) LOVE these next two! she was fascinated with the buttons on Matt’s shirt :) this little hat and blanket were made my Gracie’s great grandmother (right? Lauren please correct me if i’m wrong!) and i love that we were able to work them in, and that Gracie seemed to love her little hat! :) Lauren has been taking photos of Gracie every month with a little sticker that has the corresponding number on it, and i feel like this is a VERY typical 8 month photo… has to play with and explore EVERYTHING around her :) so of course the sticker can’t stay ON her shirt! 
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! :)

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