Glow in the Dark Sunday

…and the adventures of Community Kids continues! yesterday was ‘glow in the dark sunday’ here at CKids and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen these kids quite that excited before! they walked into a completely glow in the dark service, complete with glow in the dark lights, balloons, bracelets, and bubbles! last year our Pastor challenged us as a church to adopt a “by all means” mindset, meaning we want to reach people and this community by all means possible. which is why we plan crazy events like this one, and really encourage our elementary students to use special sundays like this as a great excuse and fun event to invite their friends to! one of my favorite things about CKids is talking with new kids after their first service and getting their feedback, and hearing first hand just how much they loved the service! One of my favorite questions to ask a kid is “was the service what you were expecting?” and every single time they say some variation of “no way! that was so cool!”

By. All. Means. 

it has been so sweet to see our services continually (and quickly!) growing, and to see families fall in love with Jesus and the church. to see kids showing up week after week reciting the memory verse and big idea from the previous week, and to see their parents getting plugged in upstairs in their service and with things like parenting and marriage classes. I love that I get to be a part of a church that is committed to serving these families and seeing them grow closer to the Lord and each other. I love that I get to be a part of a team of volunteers who I’m convinced are some of the greatest people in the world, and show up every week with a servants heart and do absolutely whatever is required to make every week the best they can for these kids. Whether its running the sound booth, leading the kids in worship, taking kids to the water fountain 10 times throughout the service, preaching God’s word every week, or smashing an egg on their chest (yup, that happened this week…) they do whatever it takes. By all means necessary. 

Here’s a little glimpse into yesterday at CKids! :) Everything glowed in the dark… even me! :) how crazy are those balloons?! and yes, the egg thats on that pillow did eventually end up smashed all over Jonathan… and the stage :) after the message we had a glow in the dark dance party, complete with glow sticks and bubbles! look at their faces! the bubble mix looked so crazy under the lights, but as soon as they stepped out side you couldn’t see one bit of it! some of these kids were absolutely covered in the bubble solution by the end of the service!  its safe to say that most of our leaders looked like this by the end of all three services too.. my arms had literally been painted white by a couple of the kids!  Hope your weekend was as much fun as mine! :) Here’s a little video clip from second service!  

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  1. AWESOME! I also work in youth ministry and that looks so awesome! Totally inspired to think out of the box!

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