Meet Gabe and Eli- Northern VA Family Photographer

Meet Gabe and Eli, two of the cutest little super heroes you’ve ever met! We spent the morning playing at Frying Pan Farm Park checking out all of the animals, riding the tractors, and fighting all of the bad guys in sight :) The boys were so sweet together, I loved their dynamic and how they already seem like best friends. It must be fun to always have a partner in crime by your side ;) Enjoy lots of favorites! Happy viewing, friends!

Meet Eli, he carried his trucks around and gave me that super cute shy look on the right for the first part of the session until he warmed up :) and meet Gabe! He was such a little ham for the camera :) look at those curls! melt my heart! Gabe was so excited to find a couple of these around the farm :) make a wish! my favorite from their session :) love the boys expressions! love this shot of Eli and Meredith :) super heroes always have time for their mamas :) Gabe was going to take a little “nap” on this rock while we played… too cute :) then we headed over to the playground for a few more photos: and I’ll end with one more favorite of sweet Eli :)  Happy Wednesday! :)

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  2. Katie says:

    You definitely captured the real life Gabe & Eli. These are gorgeous portraits.

  3. pitinnova says:

    Such great photos! Love how you captured all the little fun moments!

  4. Molly Conta says:

    Such a beautiful and fun family!!! Love it!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Great family photos! Such happy boys :-)

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