Meet Harper Grace – Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

I am LOVING all of these little brand new babies that I’ve gotten to meet and photograph recently, and I’ve got another super cute one for you today! Jacob and Addison are already smitten with their new baby sister, Harper Grace. I met the Pratt family a couple years ago at church, and my first memory is of Addie sitting in her infant car seat with Jacob playing with her making her laugh, and the two of them cracking up at each other. They didn’t care who else was around or what was happening around them, and even they always seem to be in their own little world so happy to be with their best buddy. Jacob really is the best big brother, and I’m sure he will teach Addison everything he knows about being the older sibling :) I’m sure it won’t be long before Harper is running around keeping up with them, but for now they are content to snuggle with their new baby sister. Kari and Doug, thanks for sharing your incredible kids with me for the morning :) So happy for your family, congratulations again!

Jacob and Addison would like to introduce you to their baby sister, Harper Grace :) Jacob wasn’t too sure about this pose when I first mentioned it, but Addie was more than happy to jump right in and hold her baby! :) love this shot of these sweet sisters! this little series made me laugh SO hard when I was sorting through their photos! When Jacob went to give Harper a kiss, apparently she assumed his nose was a new kind of pacifier and tried to put it in her mouth :) I LOVE his expressions in these next ones! As it played out… 1) “okay sure I’ll give her a kiss!” 2) “uhhh mom?!? what is Harper doing?!” 3) “but no, seriously guys… what do i do?!” 4) “Harper tried to eat my nose!!” such a good big brother :) I absolutely adore Addison’s perfect little crazy curls! Her hair is now long enough that they can pull it into the cutest little ringlet ponytail you’ve ever seen, but Kari and Doug wanted to make sure to get a few photos of her curls in all their two year old glory first :) while we did an outfit change I grabbed a few quick photos of Jacob and Addie playing in his room :) These next three photos really could go right on top of each other, Addie taking over the top bunk while Jacob pretended to be the monster under the bridge :) he tried to teach Addie how to give eskimo kisses :) i think what I love best about this is how you can see Doug and Kari’s hands both pushing the kids toward each other ;)
beautiful girls :) this is one of my favorite “poses” to do for a family with little kids :) so cute! my absolute favorite from their session :) then once she decided it was time for her nap we were able to focus just on miss Harper! Kari and Doug didn’t find out if they were having a boy or a girl with this baby, but I couldn’t imagine a more perfect nursery for Harper! how cute are those prints?! perfect little lips: Kari you are BEAUTIFUL! no wonder your girls are so stunning, they look just like you! :) love this one of the three of them: another favorite :) SO cute with her hands and feet all scrunched up together :) cute baby toes! :)  Happy Wednesday! :)

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