Duncan and Annie- Meadowlark Gardens Wedding Photographer

You know the saying “when you know, you just know”? Well Duncan and Annie just knew. On their first date they talked, laughed, and made sure to make plans for date #2. On their second date, Duncan invited Annie to go to ITALY with him for a friends wedding. On their third date, he kissed her for the first time… and after that they stopped counting :) They just knew… and when you know its forever, why wait? So to Italy they went, and as the sweet saying goes, the rest was history :) Duncan and Annie are one of my incredible 2014 couples and I am already counting down until their wedding next summer at Meadowlark Gardens! Only 49 weeks left! ;) I left their session last weekend feeling overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to know and photograph amazing couples like them and call it a “job”. I’m sure every photographer feels this way, but I’m convinced I get to work with the best couples out there! Duncan and Annie, thank you for being so wonderful and for inviting me into your lives during this exciting season! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! :) I love that my couples can play and relax in front of the camera :) one of my favorites! this just might be my favorite photo of Annie that I took… love how Duncan makes her laugh!
LOVE this one! Big canvas? I think YES! :) another favorite for sure :) we lucked out with a pretty gorgeous evening for their session and I took full advantage of the sunset that night! :) can we just assume from here on out that they are ALL favorites?! okay good :) love this next one too! happy couples make me a VERY happy photographer :) 
Happy Thursday! :)

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  1. aunt sue fullenkamp #1 says:

    like jessica, i have lots of favorites!! they are all wonderful, but 6445 and 6799 finally won:)) thank you for sharing….xoxox

  2. Greg says:

    You two look great – your love and spirit really jumps out of these photos!

  3. Mary Kaye Fullenkamp says:

    Beautiful photos of two very special people, anticipating the rest of their lives together. Your happiness is captured in every shot. Love you two!

  4. Aunt Tessie says:

    So wonderful to see you both so happy. Beautiful pictures and great memories for your future.

  5. Kate Fullenkamp says:

    Gorgeous photos! Love you guys!!

  6. Jess says:

    I LOVE these photos and LOVE these two beauties! Great job capturing them Jessica, you nailed it :) Annie and Dunc, your love is so apparent and natural….you were made for each other! xoxoxo…..

  7. Annie says:

    Beautiful! Thanks, Jessie, for making it so easy and fun :)

  8. Lauren Reamer says:

    Annie and Duncan are literally two of my favorite people on this planet – family really…you truly captured them and the energy that is them together! I was saying to Annie that I love that I know them both well enough to feel like I know what their faces are saying in some of the shots. What a gorgeous and genuine representation of these two!

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