The Cogbill Family – Sterling VA Family Photographer

You will know these two handsome little guys well by now, as they’ve been on the blog twice before! I first met Matthew and Nathan was back in 2010 (you can see that session HERE) and then again last summer (that post is HERE) but this time they showed me their favorite spots to play around their house and their neighborhood :) Getting to see the same families year after year and see how much the kids have grown is definitely one of my favorite parts of this job of mine, and these two are no exception! They had me smiling from the moment I pulled up and they ran out into their front yard to greet me :) I didn’t have a sibling until I was almost 10, so I can only imagine how it is for Matthew and Nathan to have a constant playmate, best friend, and (perhaps more often) a partner in crime always by their side.  They truly do seem like best buds already, and I can only imagine how their friendship is going to grow with them over the years. Enjoy lots of favorites from their most recent session! :)its hard work to give a thumbs up AND hold on to the swing at the same time, but Nathan has it all figured out :)Matthew’s first idea during the session, “lets play Jake and the NeverLand Pirates!!” :)a friendly little game of Red Rover…… and I think their dad has them beat! :)then we took a walk to their favorite little spot by the creek: a few lessons in skipping rocks :)a few sweet snuggles with his mama :)one of my favorites from their session:showing off their muscles in the middle of a wardrobe change ;) their facial expressions crack me up! I love that Nathan’s first response to seeing Matthew flipped upside down was to poke his belly button :)crazy boys :)a couple more favorites :) Happy Thursday :)

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  2. Grandma says:

    They just keep coming! What a beautiful family. xoxoxo

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