Meet Isabelle Marie – Arlington VA Newborn Photographer

This sweet new baby is Isabelle, or Elle as she will be called by her family and friends, and she was 6 days new for her first officially portrait session last week :) I’ve been excited for this session since I met Jane and Justin at their maternity session and they were telling me all about Elle’s ‘around the world’ theme nursery they had decorated. It truly was gorgeous and one of a kind! I think it will be so fun for Elle to be able to mark off all of the places she has been as she grows :) She showed off a few of her little smiles for us, and already has her family wrapped around her sweet finger. I can’t wait to watch her grow over the next year! :) Happy viewing, friends!

This was literally the 3rd frame I shot that morning, I knew right away with this first little smile that Elle was going to be a dream to photograph :) one of her little friends :)i love how teeny they are in their crib at this age! and how cool is the map behind the bed?! it takes up the entire wall! and THIS would be Elle’s favorite position :) anytime she would fuss or need to be settled back down, this is the position she liked best :) she didn’t even really want to bed held, just laid over her dads lap, with his thumb in her mouth :) apparently she really hates the paci, but would such on someone elses thumb all day :) Justin’s wonderful mother was in town to help and visit so we made sure to work her in to some of their portraits too! love Isabelle’s little smile in this next one :)oooh those lips! too cute! Happy Tuesday :)

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  2. Grandma says:

    You always find the cutest kids! xoxoxo

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