Turner: 4 Months – Alexandria VA Baby Photographer

The last time I saw sweet Turner he was brand new and slept through our entire session: and these days he is a lot bigger and flashing that gorgeous gummy smile for everyone he sees, and he thinks that next to his mama and daddy, his toes are the greatest thing in his world ;) Turner has the sweetest spirit and truly is such a happy, content baby! We spent the first part of the session at their home and then headed down the street for a few photos in the park, and we had a gorgeous morning for it! Turner was perfectly content to dish out lots of smiles and a few snuggles in between… couldn’t ask for anything better! Happy viewing, friends! LOVE this one and how it shoes off that sweet gummy smile :) eeeeeverything goes in the mouth: look at all those little baby rolls! my favorite :) and i love how in the photo on the right he’s saying “hey! its a lot harder to reach my toes from THIS position!” yummmm :) They said that Pepper isn’t really too interested in Turner at this point. I said give it a few months until Turner is eating solid food, then Pepper will be following him around everywhere!! :) I know these next two are pretty similar, but I love them both :) baby cheeks are irresistible :) at this point Turner was about ready for a nap, and I think he would have taken his nap riiight here if we’d let him :) and just a few more snuggles with his mama to end the session :)  Already excited to see you again in a few months! Happy Wednesday! :)

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