Meet Jack- Fairfax VA Newborn Photographer

He’s here! Maybe a few days later than his mama would have liked, but on August 24th baby Jack finally made his appearance :) He was a chunky 9 pounds 7 ounces of perfection including the sweetest little lips and big ol’ kissable cheeks! He tried so hard to stay awake and alert throughout our entire session, he didn’t fuss at all, but didn’t want to miss any of the action either! He was so content just to snuggle up to Matt or Katie and check things out. I can already tell that he has the sweetest spirit, and I’m so excited to watch him grow over this next year! :) No worries, Essyx and Maeby we close by to supervise the session :) So this was actually the first time that they had given Jack a pacifier! Needless to say, he was quite a fan :) We thought maybe it would help him fall asleep, but he was perfectly content just to hang out with us :) They designed the cutest classic Winnie the Pooh nursery for Jack :) this is the face of a boy who is trying reeeeally hard to fight his nap :) good thing we’re patient! I knew he would give in sooner or later ;) love how his little hands are in this next shot! One of my favorites from his session :)
 Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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