Maya: 2 Years! – Burnside Farms Family Portraits

Although I’m a little bummed when it doesn’t work out for us to do all 5 sessions of the Baby’s First Year package during those first 12 months, it always gives me something to look forward to when we tack one of those sessions on during the 2nd year! Some people will opt to switch out the maternity session for another session at 18 months or 2 years, and with Maya we swapped out the 8 month session for one closer to her 2nd birthday! I couldn’t believe how much she has changed over the past 10 months since I saw her last. She’s such a little lady, already obsessed with jewelry and fun girly things :) She was SO excited to see all the necklaces and bracelets that her mama had brought for her and insisted on wearing them allllll at once :)

When Pratibha said she wanted a location that was pretty and had some big fields I started doing some research and came across Burnside Farms in Haymarket! I had never been there, but just based on the photos they put on their website and the fact that they were at the peak of their sunflower season I knew it was worth a trip over there, and OH my gracious I have a new favorite location! It was the most beautiful property, and the people that own it were so wonderful and welcoming! They even had a bunch of little photography props around the property for us to use, but it was truly the welcoming, family feel to their business that made me fall in love with it. Make sure you go check them out this fall for pumpkins and fresh produce, and you can keep updated by ‘liking’ their business facebook page HERE!

The last time I saw Maya she had just turned one:
and now she’s almost two! such a big girl! seriously how gorgeous are those sunflowers?! I’m so glad we were able to fit their session in before all the sunflowers were gone! she was so interested in the sunflowers and seeing all the little bugs on each one :) one of my favorites! such pretty ladies! :) look at all those necklaces on her! cute little gypsy girl :) LOVE those curls! I thought it was so thoughtful of them to have all these little chairs and props around the property! How fun is this bike?! She loved her little seat in the back :) she’s gotta grow just a liiiiiittle bit more to reach the pedals though ;) i love that she enjoys playing dress up, a girl after my own heart! ;) Hope you had a great long weekend! :) Happy Tuesday!

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  2. absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow! These are spectacular!

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